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Strategy First 2001 Release Schedule

by Rainier on May 29, 2001 @ 9:31 p.m. PDT

US based publisher Strategy First sends us word of their upcoming titles in form of a little release schedule and synopsis of each product...

Strategy First 2001 Release Schedule

Steel Beasts
May 22, 2001 World War II Online
June 5, 2001 Empire of the Ants
June 26, 2001 Sudden Strike Forever
August 14, 2001 Rails Across America
September 11, 2001 Disciples II: Dark Prophecy
October 23, 2001 O.R.B.
November 13, 2001 Nexagon: The Pit
Q1 2002 Zero-G Marines

Steel Beasts
Steel Beasts is a detailed PC-based simulator of modern mechanized warfare, centered around two of the world’s most awesome main battle tanks: the US’s M1A1 Abrams, and Germany’s Leopard 2A4. Players can experience all the sights and sounds of modern armored combat from the gunner’s or tank commander’s position, as well as the challenges of tactical planning and decision making from a powerful map view. In addition, multiplayer support allows any mission to be played over a network with any cooperative or competitive style of play, including multiple players in a single tank. Steel Beasts was awarded "Best PC Simulation of 2000" by PC Gamer Magazine, Computer Games Magazine,, GamePen and Wargamer. It has also received multiple Editor's Choice awards, and is in use at the US Military Academy (West Point) to help train future armor officers.

World War II Online
World War II Online™- Blitzkrieg represents an entirely new category in the world of massively multiplayer online games and is the first of multiple retail releases planned to encompass all theaters of combat from WWII. It brings air, ground, and sea combat to life in an online, persistent, and massively multiplayer environment. Now you can command and crew a variety of accurately modeled vehicles, aircraft, and ships or you can explore the world and fight as a foot soldier in first person- combat with and against thousands of other players!

Empire of the Ants
Empire of the Ants is a real-time strategy game based on the best-selling novel of the same name, written by Bernard Werber. Players take on the role of an up-and-coming ant commander that has been given the task to oversee the welfare and expansion of a colony of russet ants. Each player must build up their forces, guard their anthill, collect food and building materials, and maintain and grow their colony of ants. With the public's recent fascination with things "great & small" from Microcosmos ™, Antz ™ to a Bug's Life ™, Empire of the Ants is sure to provide players with hours of entertainment!

Sudden Strike Forever
Just when you thought the last battle of Sudden Strike had been fought and the war was over…Sudden Strike Forever arrives. You have to prove your skill as a strategist in four completely new campaigns and seven single missions - now also in deceptive autumn landscapes and in the merciless deserts of North Africa. 30 new units guarantee that the Sudden Strike Forever experience lives on.

Rails Across America
Rails Across America depicts a network of hundreds of tracks with thousands of trains crossing the entire continent. Players focus on strategic decisions, such as where to expand, where to compete, and when to engage in a well-timed price war. Rather than simply operating individual trains, players must build and monitor the rail network, moving cargo from one destination to another. Similar to the “SimCity” model, the level of direct control is limited, but the subtleties that arise are immense, which makes it possible to control large numbers of trains.

Disciples II: Dark Prophecy
Disciples II: Dark Prophecy returns gamers to the magical realm of the Sacred Lands where four races continue the battle for the destiny of their Gods. A decade after the First Great War, the final prophecy continues to unfold. Deep within the crevices of the Sacred Lands, the Chosen One has emerged, fated to bring salvation to some and destruction to others. Braced with renewed faith and newfound conviction, each race must once again take up the sword for the sake of their people and the glory of their God.

O.R.B. is a visually stunning 3D real time strategy game that pits the forces of two planets against each other in an epic struggle for control of the vast asteroid belt that circles their planets. Within the concentric rings of the belt are the precious resources that both planets desperately need to thrive. The Alyssians, a peaceful and enlightened people, have developed advanced technology to manage their planet’s meager resources wisely. Now they must mine the asteroid belt for resources to sustain their world. Opposing them are the Malus, a belligerent and authoritarian race, who have been exploiting the asteroid belt for some time. The stage has been set for a battle to control the solar system. While the two races play a deadly game of hide and seek in the asteroid belt, they are unaware of a predatory alien menace that threatens the entire solar system.

Nexagon: The Pit
Nexagon: The Pit is a real-time tactical action game that immerses the player at the turn of the fourth millennium, where pessimistic speculation has led philosophers to believe that Earth is bound for troubled times and that great suffering will engulf the helpless inhabitants. As usual, they are wrong. In fact, in the years following the brutish skirmishes near the Orion Nebula, a strong feeling of general well being seems to have permeated even into the darkest corners of parliament, where a wild and daring decision concerning the treatment of prisoners has been made; a chance for freedom that would supply the Galaxy with an extraordinary new form of entertainment … NEXAGON - THE PIT

Zero-G Marines
ZERO-G MARINES is a combination of first person shooter and squad based tactical sim set in space to create an entirely new gaming experience. With a proprietary 3D engine, ZERO-G MARINES will elevate the shooter genre to the next level. Action takes place on both the detailed exteriors and interiors of the space stations. The game features several controllable vehicles, multiple weapons, mission options such as weapon load-out and squad selection, and a strategic campaign interface. Putting a strong focus on multiplayer, ZERO-G MARINES allows for cooperative or head-to-head play over the LAN and Internet in several fully 3D space environments

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