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General Cinemaware News

by Rainier on May 4, 2001 @ 8:48 a.m. PDT

Cinemaware has send us some information what they are up to and whats going on with our favorite Defenders of the Robin Hood Crown ;) .. Cinemaware forever is what we say!

Want to make videogames? Sure you do. If you're already making games, want to come join us and do what you love to do with people who love doing what they do? Well, now's your chance! Cinemaware is currently looking for Sr. Level talent for both the art and technology teams! Go check our jobs section of the webpage for more information (

Specifically, know anyone who has strong 3D programming skills and has worked on console games? Well forward that link up there to them and help the company you love to find someone they'd love to work with! If you know a talented animator who eats, sleeps and dreams in 3D Studio Max and Character studio have them contact us!

The guys from GameSpot TV came by the offices to videotape, yes, videotape, Morgan and John talking about the game. It's a 10 minute piece and can be found on the GameSpot site or by clicking here:,11114,477506,00.html

There's even a wonderful little preview of the game there as well. Go check it out, we're really proud of it!

Web Site Updates:

We recently posted the FOURTH and final installment of Doug Barnett's Lords of the Rising Sun article. Go check it out and see for yourself what developing a classic like that entailed! (

The TV Sports Disk Images are still up and available. They'll be coming down this month so that we can put up our super-secret-must-have disk image! I'm not going to tell, so don't ask. So go grab the TV Sports disk images, would ya?! They're there for the taking.

Some new items to check out:

-We're HIRING! Go look here:

-TV Sports Football and TV Sports Baseball Disk Images available! They're only going to be available for a limited time before they come out of rotation and new games go in. (

-Part FOUR of Doug Barnett's Lords of the Rising Sun Feature! Go check it out at: (

-The Wings theme is still waiting for you to download it! (

-Go check out Morgan's Robin Hood Designer Journal! Click here for it: (

-Coverage of Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown:

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