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Game Centers Nationwide prepare for THE war of 2001!

by Rainier on June 11, 2001 @ 8:19 p.m. PDT

Strategy First Inc. and Playnet are pleased to announce their relationship with iGames for the promotion of World War II Online ™.

Approach target...

"With the help of iGames, gamers across North America will be able to play the game and determine if they are indeed up for the challenge," says Steve Milburn, Marketing Manager for Strategy First. "Thus far sales have been tremendous."

"We are excited about the opportunity to work with both iGames and the operators of each game center on this promotion. We anticipate World War II Online ™ will be a tremendous hit and iGames is helping make sure players know about it,” says Al Corey, Marketing Manager for Playnet Inc.

"IGames is thrilled about the release of World War II Online™,” says Steve Isaacs, Marketing Chair at iGames. “World War II Online™ has been gaining a great deal of interest by the player base at our gaming centers. World War II Online truly highlights many of the elements that illustrate why gaming at game centers is so much fun.”

IGames is hosting a one-week long Showcase Event to celebrate the release of World War II Online ™ throughout their game centers across North America. The iGames centers will provide players with one FREE hour of play during the event and will hand out 10% coupons from Best Buy to purchase the game.

Ready, Aim, Fire...

After the game's release on June 5th, iGames' participating game centers, in collaboration with Strategy First and Playnet, will have copies of the game installed in each center's computer for consumers to try before buying.

Log onto to determine which game centers nearest you are participating in this dynamic event.

Soon after the launch showcase, iGames will hold massive national events taking players through the various battles of World War II. iGames and Playnet are developing a WWII Player Council to work through the details of these national events. Players interested in helping to put together these events can join the WWII Player Council by sending an email to

About WWII Online
World War II Online™ brings air, ground, and sea combat to a real-time, persistent, and historically set massively multiplayer game. Now you can command and crew a variety of accurately modeled vehicles, aircraft, and ships or you can explore the world and fight as a foot soldier in first person- combat with and against thousands of others players!

Features of World War II Online™ include:

  • Combined land, sea and air operations in the first online virtual battlefield
  • ½ scale map of Europe with accurate terrain modeling- the biggest online world ever!
  • Thousands of online players in a 24/7 persistent world
  • First person perspective in all gameplay- the first massively multiplayer first person shooter!
  • Character advancement and career paths for rich RPG layer
  • Strategic systems driven by player missions and command structure
  • Historically accurate and detailed weapons including aircraft, tanks, anti-aircraft guns, trucks, rifles, grenades and more!
  • Groundbreaking physics and damage modeling
  • Web-based player services package integrated with gameplay

About Strategy First Inc. is a leading worldwide developer and publisher of entertainment software. Established in 1991 and headquartered in historic "Old Montreal", Strategy First has become one of the largest publishers of PC CD-ROM games in Canada.

About Playnet Inc.
Playnet, Inc is an Internet technologies company that specializes in design and development of massively multi-player online games (MMOG) at its in-house software development studio, Cornered Rat Software (CRS); and through its division operates an independent Internet-based publishing center and interactive entertainment destination, that offers dynamic and customizable global delivery of a channelized line up of e-content, games, and advertising products through its own web sites and dozens of affiliated game and content sites. Established in April of 1999 and located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of Texas, Playnet is developing World War II Online™ as its flagship MMOG title by utilizing its own Unity 3D engine, proprietary game systems, and network technologies. With these revolutionary tools, Playnet is redefining the design and delivery of online entertainment.

About iGames is a volunteer-based organization comprised of over 120 gaming centers across North America and Canada. iGames sponsors a wide variety of gaming events including launch events, LAN parties, leagues, and showcases.


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