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Serious Sam Gets Seriously Warped

by Rainier on June 14, 2001 @ 6:28 p.m. PDT

Sam Stone, the hero of Croteam's and GodGames' hit PC Game Serious Sam, has annihilated the alien invaders who once threatened to destroy the earth. Now that he has saved mankind in a blaze of glory and gunfire, a new question arises ..."What's a gamer to do now?"
"Build your own damned game!" answers game developer team A Few Screws Loose, with the release of Seriously Warped, the V2 MOD release for Serious Sam. Seriously Warped salutes the enthusiasm of the Serious Sam online gaming community by exclusively featuring community built levels and models. As an open genre mod, Seriously Warped allows level editors and mapers to freely create wildly imaginative models and maps. The Mod supports original multiplayer options like Control Zone, Objective Thief and Rugby, and introduces new teamplay game styles such as TeamPlay Objective Thief, Team Control Zone and Capture The Flag. Additionally, Seriously Warped enables all multi-play options to be easily incorporated into the Serious Sam Level Editor, essentially allowing community map developers to create their own game with several combinations of triggered events and game objectives. Warped V2 MOD allows for any mapping enthusiast to plot their own gaming experience and provides additional tools for "non-MOD" map developers to continue creating new exciting and creative level designs for the Serious Sam online community.

Get Seriously Warped at File Planet or at 3D Action Planet.

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