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New Parkan.Iron.Strategy ScreenShots

by Rainier on June 20, 2001 @ 1:25 a.m. PDT

Russian developer Nikita sends us a bunch of exclusive screenshots from their upcoming title Prakan.Iron Strategy ... We are quite impressed with the screenshots and are looking forward to seeing more of this product... It looks stunning!!!

PARKAN. Iron Strategy

"Parkan. Iron Strategy" is a perfect mix of warbot simulator and real time strategy. You'll get a unique opportunity:

  • To fight on terrain and inside buildings
  • To lead a group of warbots in a battle
  • To give orders to your platoons from your well protected bunker
  • To create warbots of different types and to control them directly or remotely.

The game includes five related campaigns, additional missions and a set of Multiplayer games (LAN/Internet gaming supported), which take place on the training ground and on five different planets of the Labyrinth. Reality is another important feature of "Parkan. Iron Strategy". Superb futuristic landscapes, gorgeous day and night alternation and incredible weather effects put you in the middle of breathtaking adventures in the unique Parkan universe.

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