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Empire Of The Ants Goes Gold!

by Rainier on June 29, 2001 @ 6:15 p.m. PDT

Strategy First Inc. and Microids are pleased to announce that Empire of the Ants has gone gold! It is on its way to the duplication factory so you can expect it in your local game store soon! Find out what all the ANTicipation is about...


"Since its American debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year, "says Steven Milburn, Marketing Manager for Strategy First, "we have had great feedback on the game. We are looking forward to it shipping to North American gamers next month. It has done well in Europe and we're confident that players here will find it a refreshing twist to the strategy genre as well."


About Empire of the Ants

Empire of the Ants is a real-time strategy game based on the best-selling novel of the same name, written by Bernard Werber. Players will be exposed to the beautiful, microscopic world of the ants as it comes to life with real-time 3D multiple camera angles and in and out zooms. Players will take
on the role of an up-and-coming ant commander that has been given the task to oversee the welfare and expansion of a colony of russet ants. Each player must build up their forces, guard their anthill, collect food and building materials, and maintain and grow their colony of ants.

This title features extraordinary AI that replicates the instincts of each insect and faithfully reproduces more than 60 different species of insect and animal to exploit and engage in battle. Multiplayer mode allows for up to 8 players over LAN or Internet to take part in multiplayer skirmishes with a wealth of options and play styles. The North America version of Empire of the Ants has new features such as; new units to command, new enemies to conquer and new lands to explore.

See what all the ANTicipation is over when Empire of the Ants is released July 10th, 2001.

About Microids
Founded in 1985 by its current chairman, Elliot Grassiano, Microïds develops and distributes video game software for PCs and games consoles throughout the world. In 1998, MICROÏDS opened a development studio in Canada (Montreal) where the company takes the advantage of both the experience and the North American “game” culture. The company undertakes the integration of its own distribution by creating successively a first subsidiary, MICROÏDS ITALIA, then MICROÏDS LTD UK and MICROÏDS DISTRIBUTION FRANCE in 2000. Microïds currently has over 170 members of staff, 90 of which are overseas and has achieved a turnover of 14.88 Millions Euros in 2000, which 63% have been made from foreign sales.

About Strategy First
Strategy First Inc. is a leading worldwide developer and publisher of entertainment software. Established in 1991 and headquartered in historic “Old Montreal”, Strategy First has become one of the largest publishers of PC CD-ROM games in Canada. After retaining talent from Midnight Software, an award-winning development team from Ottawa, ON., Strategy First is poised to become a major force in the gaming industry. Best known for its Man of War series and Disciples: Sacred Lands, the company has also earned critical acclaim for its work on such titles as Steel Panthers I and II and Age of Rifles for Strategic Simulations Inc. Strategy First has worked with other leading companies in the software and entertainment industry; most notably, A&E Network, Lucas Arts, Cinar Films, Empire Interactive, and Strategic Simulations Inc.

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