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GBA Review: RayMan Advance (c) Ubi Soft

by Rainier on June 29, 2001 @ 2:50 p.m. PDT

As promised earlier we checked our Rayman Advance for the GameBoy Advance (GBA), played, tested and if you want to find out why i was so impressed with this game then read on ... i promise you, next thing you will do is run out to the store and buy it ... enjoy ...


Coinciding with the launch of the Game Boy® Advance hand-held video game system, Ubi Soft® Entertainment will ship Rayman Advance on June 22, 2001. Developed by Digital Eclipse Software Inc.- Rayman Advance utilizes the new Game Boy Advance to its 32-bit capacity. All the magic and amazing details of Rayman's universe are now fully preserved in a hand-held console and can be taken everywhere with you!

Numerous synchronized animations and a perfect fluidity enhance the proven successful gameplay of the Rayman series. Additionally, the 4 differing permanent layers all have a rate of 60 frames per second, giving a depth of field never before seen on a portable console. The essence that was instilled in this benchmark game, by it's original talented creator Michel Ancel, is still evident today. His touch is completely present through the humor of the numerous characters, the vibrant graphics and the perfect balance of the gameplay design.

Transported into the psychedelic Rayman universe, players begin their quest without any powers, but a whole lot of courage! Mr. Dark has destroyed the harmony of the world by stealing the Great Protoon, the energy source, defeating its protector, Betilla the Fairy. The Electoons, which used to gravitate peacefully around this nucleus, have been captured and imprisoned, creating a colorfully off-kilter land, filled with freaky critters and hostile characters. Walking, running, sliding, swinging and flying through 6 surreal worlds and 62 mesmerizing levels, Rayman must harness untold powers to face Dark and his twisted minions, free the Toons and restore balance to the universe.

Travelling through landscapes such as The Dream Forest and Cave of Skops, players pick up new powers to aid them in their journey. Acquiring Rayman's signature "punching fist" and "helicopter hair" as well as dozens of transitory powers, gamers tangle with a collection of well known funky bosses: Space Mama, Moskito, Mr. Sax and more. With the aid of power-ups like The Golden Fist, Rayman is a formidable opponent, even against the most bizarre enemies.

Rayman Advance delivers, at the console's launch date, a visually mesmerizing, and inarguably engrossing portable adventure. Take the entire Rayman world anywhere!


Button Use Description D-pad Movement Move Rayman up/down/left/right. Depending on terrain, some of these may be modified or unavailable. A Jump/Helicopter Jump, or Helicopter if this power is available and Rayman is airborne. Combine with direction pad to jump in a direction from a standing start B Fist/Grab

Use punching fist - hold to wind up, release to punch. If Rayman has the Grab power, press this button again to grab something with the fist after throwing a punch.

R paddle Run / Seed / Funny face If Rayman is on a level where the Seed power is usable, he uses this button to plant a seed and create a flower platform. On later levels, where the Run power is available, while walking this button will make him break into a run. Start Pause Press during game to pause the action.

Rayman Cheat codes:

L_KEY = Left D-Pad

R_KEY = Right D-Pad

U-KEY = Up D-Pad

D-KEY = Down D-Pad

L_BUTTON = Left Shoulder Button

R_BUTTON = Right Shoulder Button

On the pause menu (press START during the game), punch the following in sequence to get the related cheat. A sound should be heard when you have the cheat turned on. To get several cheat codes for the same game, be sure to quit the pause menu then access it again before punching a code again.

{L_KEY,R_KEY,D_KEY,R_KEY,L_KEY,R_BUTTON,}, // 99 lives

{R_KEY,U_KEY,R_KEY,L_KEY,R_KEY,R_BUTTON,}, // invincibility

{D_KEY,L_KEY,R_KEY,L_KEY,U_KEY,L_BUTTON,},// all powers

{U_KEY,L_KEY,R_KEY,D_KEY,R_KEY,L_BUTTON,}, // all levels

{R_BUTTON,U_KEY,L_KEY,R_KEY,L_KEY,L_BUTTON}, // 25 more tings


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