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by Rainier on July 13, 2001 @ 1:23 a.m. PDT

Get Soaked in White-knuckle Arcade Action on PlayStation®2. Crave Entertainment announced today its upcoming title "H2Overdive" for the Sony PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. An over-the-top speedboat arcade racer, "H2Overdrive" combines eye-popping level design with high-speed power and multi-player action, taking players from the savannah to the surface of Mars.

"In the tradition of action-packed arcade racers, we are capturing the speed and excitement of kart racing but in intense and unusual water environments," said Holly Newman, Executive Vice President at Crave. "The unique atmosphere and various gameplay modes of 'H2Overdrive' will make for fast and furious fun, arriving on PS2 with a splash."

The Global Powerboat Racers League (GPRL) is the only water sport competition that matters in this big wet universe! GPRL races are known for sheer excitement and riveting action. Races take place across the solar system, on rivers, lakes, manmade canals, frozen seas and tropical paradises - wherever water gets intense. For the racers, the stakes are high, with lucrative cash prizes and even more lucrative corporate sponsorships awaiting the best.

H2Overdrive will feature:

  • Several single player and multiplayer gameplay modes including Championship, Simple Race, Duel, Survival, Check Point, "Ghost," and "Cat and mouse".
  • Ten huge, incredible tracks ranging from Icelandic splendors to an amusement park and even the human body
  • Ten out-of-this-world characters, each rendered in real-time 3D at the controls of their vehicles
  • Ten insane vehicles, each with custom equipment
  • Tons of fanciful secret areas, weapons and hidden tracks
  • Beautiful graphics, enhanced by environment mapping, dynamic lighting for boats and characters, procedural water, water spray, and water deformation effects, and scenery lens flare (sun light)
  • Optimal competition: with AI that picks its ideal course on the fly, no two races will ever be the same.

H2Overdrive is scheduled to ship Q4 2001

About Crave Entertainment
Crave Entertainment is a privately held publisher of innovative videogame entertainment products for the major console platforms including Sega Dreamcast™, Game Boy® Color, the PlayStation® game console, PlayStation®2 computer game console, Xbox™ video game console from Microsoft, and PC. For more information about Crave Entertainment, please visit their website.

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