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The Forces Are Incoming ..

by Rainier on July 2, 2001 @ 12:29 p.m. PDT

Interplay Entertainment Corp., announced today plans to publish Incoming Forces™, thesequel to the critically acclaimed and award winning game Incoming™. Incoming Forces Brings All-Out Alien Battle Action to the PC!

Interplay Entertainment Corp., announced today plans to publish Incoming Forces™, thesequel to the critically acclaimed and award winning game Incoming™.Developed by Rage Games Limited, one of Britain's premiere development houses, Incoming Forces is a classic arcade shooter, with plenty of environments to explore, weapons to discover, and a variety of new enemies to destroy.Incoming Forces is scheduled to ship for Windows®95/98/00-based computers in Q4, 2001.

Incoming Forces is an action game that allows players to take command of an alien defense force to protect their worldly planets at all costs. Players will control one of 10 different crafts at anytime throughout the game including gun-ships, fighters, tanks and an array of others as they protect various alien worlds. Battle will take place on four uniquely molded planets, each with its own 3D modeled terrain, environmental features and world specific objects.

Powered by a state of the art 3D engine, players can indulge in the single player story or engage in two different styles of multiplayer gaming including Team Play and Deathmatch. All this action along with a full hour of orchestrated musical score designed to immerse players into the beautiful gaming world makes Incoming Forces a must have for PC action gamers.
It has been 20 years since the Human race successfully repelled an alien attack that threatened the future of Earth. However, the Human's joy in victory was overshadowed by the death and destruction that was its price. Slowly, the Humans became worried that another attack may be imminent and that their peace might be short-lived. All of Earth's resources were poured into the production of a vast armada to search galaxies far and beyond for threats in neighboring systems, and destroy them. Soon they found the home world of their aggressors and nullified it without mercy. Now the Human fleet seeks to wipe all alien life forms from existence and has found its way to the player's home, Kaiyodo. It is the player's mission to help stop the human invasion and defeat the Incoming Forces.

For more information regarding Incoming Forces, please visit their website. For information regarding Rage Games Limited, please visit their website. Incoming Forces is scheduled to ship in Q4, 2001.

Interplay Entertainment Corp. is a leading developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for both core gamers and the mass market. Interplay currently balances its development efforts by publishing for personal computers as well as current and next generation video game consoles. Interplay releases products through Interplay, Shiny Entertainment, Digital Mayhem, Black Isle Studios, 14 Degrees East, its distribution partners and its wholly owned subsidiary Interplay OEM, Inc. More comprehensive information on Interplay and its products is available through its worldwide web site.

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