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'Pro Race Driver' from Codemasters redefines racing

by Rainier on Aug. 1, 2001 @ 1:01 a.m. PDT

Codemasters completely redefines the racing genre with the upcoming 2002 release of Pro Race Driver, a story driven racing game for the PC CD-ROM and other next-generation platforms. Being developed by Codemasters, Pro Race Driver is the next evolution of the 1999 smash-hit Touring Car Challenge.
Pro Race Driver, at its core, remains an intense, realistic racing game, but it will introduce an innovative new feature to the racing series – a narrative character-based storyline. Players assume the role of aspiring test driver Ryan McKane and must win a series of races in an effort to move Ryan up the ranks until he is hired by a racing team. Ryan’s races are interspersed with cinematic sequences (cut-scenes) involving his racing colleagues and his fiercely competitive racing family.

“The character element to the game is not a novelty but a new way for the player to really connect with a racing experience. It doesn’t take over the game; it enhances the atmosphere, building tension and settings for each race,” said Michael Hayes, Codemasters’ Worldwide Director of Marketing. “While the racing game category is hugely competitive, Codemasters’ reputation as one of the world’s leading driving game developers ensures that Pro Race Driver will be one of the most anticipated and successful multi-format racing titles of next year.”

Pro Race Driver features a unique polygon deformation damage model system entitled Finite Element Modeling (FEM). FEM simulates the deformation of a car’s structure over the duration of an impact, calculating how both the internal structure and outer bodywork of the cars twist and break. This physics based approach gives unparalleled realism with varying impact results depending on the exact conditions of the crash.

The acclaimed physics and AI system returns, but has been evolved to near perfection and takes full advantage of the power of next generation platforms. Standard racing features such as front ends and option screens have been eliminated to draw players into the game’s global racing circuit in a career that can span over 20-years. Additionally, Codemasters has secured rights to additional overseas championships to be featured in the game, including Germany’s DTM and Australia’s Avesco V8 Supercar Shell Championship Series, building on the international aspect of the game.


Established in 1986, UK-based Codemasters, is one of Europe's best-selling and profitable game-makers, developing and publishing titles for the console platform and PC, and is on-track to become one of the top 8 computer/video game publishers in the world within four years time. Codemasters products first appeared on US retail shelves in 1999. The company’s 2001 slate of titles, including Insane, Blade of Darkness and Operation Flashpoint furthers its goal of providing energetic, compelling and innovative entertainment to gaming fans of all genres. In keeping with the company's mission to remain on the cusp of the gaming wave, Codemasters is developing games for online and next generation platforms. Codemasters can be found at our website

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