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Interplay Announces the Lead Platform for Galleon: Islands of Mystery

by Rainier on Aug. 20, 2001 @ 7:11 p.m. PDT

Featuring a New Breed of Action Hero From the Creator of Lara Croft(R). The Ultimate Next Generation Action Game From the Lead Designer of The Original Tomb Raider(R) Coming This Winter to the NINTENDO GAMECUBE™ Interplay Entertainment Corp., announced today that their highly anticipated title, Galleon™: Islands of Mystery, is currently in development for the NINTENDO GAMECUBE.

Set across six unique islands, Galleon: Islands of Mystery introduces a revolutionary new video game hero, Rhama Sabrier, the dashing, fearless captain of the galleon Endeavour. Released under Interplay's Digital Mayhem banner, Galleon is being developed by Confounding Factor, the Bristol based development studio founded by Toby Gard, creator of Lara Croft and lead designer of the original Tomb Raider while previously at Core Design Limited.

"We wanted to beat what was going on in Tomb Raider in every conceivable way," stated Toby Gard, Managing Director of Confounding Factor. "In Galleon, the characters are more fleshed-out, the animation is fluid and natural, and the puzzles are integrated into an immersive, mesmerizing story." "Galleon will take full advantage of the NINTENDO GAMECUBE's features and technology," said Digital Mayhem's President, Jim Molitor. "Toby and his group are creating a spectacular game, both in terms of the visuals and taking the hero based action-adventure genre up several notches." Set in a timeless age of treacherous sea voyages, eye-popping magic and swashbuckling adventure, Galleon: Islands of Mystery immerses players in a mysterious world alive with invincible warriors and breathtaking battles. As Captain Rhama, players embark on a quest that takes them from the bustling port of Akbah to islands populated with giant monsters, evil slave lords and, of course, damsels in distress in an action-packed adventure of intrigue, magic, love, obsession and revenge. As he races against time, Rhama must locate an ancient artifact capable of unlimited power and unimaginable destruction -- and do all he can to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands!
Galleon's richly crafted story unfolds through hours of action, exploration, challenges and discovery that takes console action-adventure to the next level. Players of all skills will find a rewarding experience as Rhama performs unbelievable moves, like back-flipping off a ledge and landing on a dime, climbing up practically any surface and fighting like a Shao-lin martial arts master. As players progress they will encounter several unique characters who will join the crew, each bringing different skills and advantages. Rhama's greatest advantage will come from the ability to call on the strengths of two female characters who join him. Faith, idealistic and young, is a student of the healing arts and possesses mystical knowledge and powers. Mihoko is a great warrior with unmatched fighting abilities.
Gamers can join in the adventure and experience thrills, chills and harrowing cliffhangers at every turn when Galleon: Islands of Mystery is available this winter, 2001, for the NINTENDO GAMECUBE.

Interplay Entertainment Corp.

is a leading developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for both core gamers and the mass market. Interplay currently balances its development efforts by publishing for personal computers as well as current and next generation video game consoles. Interplay releases products through Interplay, Shiny Entertainment, Digital Mayhem, Black Isle Studios, 14 Degrees East, its distribution partners and its wholly owned subsidiary Interplay OEM, Inc. More comprehensive information on Interplay and its products is available through its worldwide web site.


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