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Nikita and VimpelCom jointly launch a new WAP service.

by Rainier on Aug. 21, 2001 @ 9:25 p.m. PDT

Nikita, a leading Russian entertainment software developer and VimpelCom, a leading Russian mobile communication services provider, the owner of a well-known "BEE LINE" trademark, announce the launch of their new entertainment service for "BEE LINE GSM" subscribers.

"BEE LINE GSM" users can now access the following WAP-applications made by Nikita:

1. BEEWAP - a humorous game where you must look after and cater for the needs of a bee, feed it, keep it in good health and spirits. The bee feels when your care is not what it should be and regularly reminds you of your responsibilities. 2. INVASION - a mystical game where the main character recklessly reads a certain passage from a magicbook that causes an invasion of his country by flying monsters. As you try to save your fellow countrymen, you make different decisions that may totally alter the course of events. 3. ACQUINTANCE - a search for a mobile friend with whom you can maintain regular personal communication. Now you can find a friend at any time and at any place - a mobile phone is all you need. 4. FIND YOURSELF - a fantasy roleplaying game. The main hero comes to himself in a dungeon with amnesia, and tries in agony to remember who he is, and how he got there. Only after a long series of events full of unexpected mysteries and dangers he is able at last to reconstruct the past. 5. POPULAR PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS - express-testing of men, women and teenagers designed to determine their personality characteristics. Here you can also get advice how you can most effectively promote your own interests when communicating with other people.

Eugene Lomko, Nikita's Director of Sales and Marketing, comments: "Russia is a huge and rapidly expanding market where, by the year 2002, the number of mobile service subscribers is predicted to be as high as more then 5 million people. We fully understand the significance of this event in light of the continued rapid development of mobile communication infrastructure, technologies and services."

"From being simply a means for providing voice communications, the mobile phone is gradually developing into a powerful hand-held device which makes people's lives easier and much more interesting," said Nikolay Pryanishnikov, First Vice President of VimpelCom. "Our first priority on the Mobile Communications market is improving the quality and expanding the range of the services we provide. In particular, it's the introduction of various WAP-applications which will significantly increase the capabilities of our subscribers."

VImpelCom is a leading Russian mobile communications operator providing its services under a family of "BEE LINE" trademarks, one of the best-known trademarks in Russia. The VimpelCom group has a license to provide mobile communication services on a vast territory with a population of around 100 million people (or 70% of the entire Russian population), including Moscow and the Moscow region - the center of this company's commercial activity. VimpelCom was the first ever Russian company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company's stock symbol on the NYSE is "VIP". VimpelCom's convertible bonds are quoted there as VIP-05.

Nikita was established in October 1991 and was named the "Best entertainment software developer" in the "Computer Elite" rating conducted in 2000. Nikita's games consistently win top prizes at various exhibitions and competitions and are now distributed in 27 countries

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