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Syko Toy DEATHMATCH is Here!

by Rainier on Aug. 23, 2001 @ 8:23 p.m. PDT

Nitrostream, announced today the release of Version 1.05 of its massively multiplayer Internet game Syko Toy.
The latest version comes jam-packed with new features such as Syko Toy Deathmatch, the all-new Syko Toy factory and Syko Toy competitions and tournaments. Since the game launched on June 17th, over 70,000 users have already registered and gone to combat in the Syko Toy Arena.

New Features:

  • FREE DEMO MODE - Anyone can build their own Syko Toy and download and enter the Arena completely FREE. Whilst not all features are available every user can check out the game and find out what it feels like to kick some ass in the Syko Toy Arena.
  • DEATHMATCH - this represents the ultimate challenge in the Arena. Only Toys with 500 kreds or more will be able to send and receive DeathMatch challenges. DeathMatches are good for settling grudges... but not to be issued lightly because you could lose everything!
  • TOY FACTORY - DeathMatch losers toys are destroyed and the loser will need to get a new toy from the website Toy Factory before re-entering the Syko Arena.
  • USER STATUS - From the lobby list you will now be able to see if a player is training (white block), fighting (red block), or ready to fight (green block).
  • SYKO TOY TOURNAMENTS - Players will be able to participate in Syko Tournaments. Every month cool prizes will be awarded to the top performing Syko Toys.

Get your own Syko Toy at - the Toy Arena is open… let the battle commence.

About Nitrostream
Founded in San Jose, California March 2000, Nitrostream is an independent game development company. The company's mission is to become a recognized leader in the development of bold and engaging computer and video game software.

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