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Anarchy in the UK ?

by Rainier on Aug. 28, 2001 @ 7:18 p.m. PDT

September 28th 2001 sees the official UK launch FUNCOM's highly anticipated online RPG epic, ANARCHY ONLINE. Read what its all about and admire our 20-some screenshots/artwork.

Anarchy Online will be the first of a new breed of MMORPG's to be released and is the first online RPG to be set in a persistent futuristic Sci-Fi universe where warring factions threaten your very existence.
Already released in the U.S to rave reviews the UK version will have the added advantages of a huge on-line community already playing round the clock and a new server going live to speed up the European gameplay.

-The Story-

By the year 29,475 A.D. humanity has colonized many of the worlds in the Milky Way, both to accommodate the growing need for natural resources and the expanding number of people. Rubi-Ka is a small planet on the farthest frontiers of the Galaxy. A red and barren desert world, plagued by sandstorms and heavy winds, only made habitable by the terraforming process of the intergalactic hyper-corporation Omni-Tek.

What makes this planet precious is Notum, a substance used for powering the all-important nanotechnology - the reason why Omni-Tek has colonized the planet. Omni-Tek is very protective of this mining planet and fiercely safeguard their investment with an iron grip.
After creating your character, you enter the amazing world of Rubi-Ka as a new citizen and colonist where you must then decide where your alliance lies. Whether you sympathise with the rebel clans fighting to over throw the totalitarian regime or with the corporate behemoth Omni-Tek who's total world domination is growing by the day…or simply enjoy life as a neutral spectator going where fame and fortune might take you…your future and the future of Rubi-Ka is in your hands.

The Anarchy Online gameis a sophisticated, dynamic online world, where thousands of players can log on at the same time, roam around by themselves or in groups, shaping and creating their individual gaming experiences. Exploration, adventure, stealth and of course adrenaline pumping combat all add to the intensity of this deep and involving story line.

Prepare yourself for the most intense gaming experience you will ever encounter, and let Anarchy Online change the way you play online forever

Key Features:

  • A sprawling, futuristic 3D world encompassing an entire alien planet, with a wide variety of terrain - huge cities, wild forests, high mountains, arid deserts and stunning waterfalls
  • An epic story, spanning the four year lifecycle of the game, shaped by individual player actions
  • Choose from over 12 different character profiles including Agents, Enforcer, Adventurer, Nano Technician and Martial Artist.
  • Customise your player character in a number of different ways - choice of breeds, character classes, skin colour, clothing, equipment and express yourself with more than 40 different social animations
  • A massive array of stunning futuristic weapons are available depending on your characters skills and money
  • Auto-generated content, individually tailored to each player's talents and skills - in addition to player generated quests
  • Learn and improve a huge number of customisable player skills, ranging from lock picking and ranged combat to computer literacy and nano technology.

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