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Wanadoo Brings you Arabian Nights

by Rainier on Aug. 28, 2001 @ 7:36 p.m. PDT

Wanadoo and Visiware invite you to enter an intriguing world where platform action and adventure draws you into a web of deceit and intrigue. Do you have what it takes to defend the honour of the Kingdom? Are you prepared to enter the mysterious Arabian Nights?

Arabian Nights will immerse you in the mystical realm of 1001 Nights. Battle your way through seven huge episodes each played out with a clever mix of action and adventure in your quest for the princesses. Face awesome appointments on your journey that will stop at nothing to prevent you from stopping the Grand Vizir in his quest for power. Face them in adrenaline pumping combat using a mass array of close combat weapons, unarmed combat and truly fantastic magic using jaw-dropping pyrotechnics. Explore dark dungeons and Grand Palaces in a beautifully created 3D world.

The Story

According to the laws of the Emirate of Akabha, a daughter of a Sultan must take a husband before the day of her twentieth birthday. If she hasn't, she will be declared 'Al Jotan', meaning 'street girl' and will be taken from the palace and stripped of all her royal rights. On the death of the Sultan, power will pass to the eldest son, or if there is no eldest son, to the fiancé of the eldest daughter, failing that to the Grand Vizir.

The story begins when on the eve of their twentieth birthday all five of the princesses have mysteriously disappeared and the evil Grand Vizir has a devious smile on his face. If the princesses are not found then power will pass to him and the entire Empire will be in his grip.

You are the only hope of salvation. Rescue the five princesses and return them to the Palace before the their birthdays pass and power of the Kingdom over to certain doom…

Release date: PC - 21/9/2001

About Wanadoo
WANADOO is the France's leading Internet media and directories company, and one of the leading Internet companies in Europe. Wanadoo is a subsidiary of France Telecom, one of the world's major telecommunications operators.

Its subsidiary WANADOO EDITION produces, publishes and distributes video games and entertainment programs for the large audience on consoles, CD-Roms and Internet. Wanadoo Edition's development strategy centres around three key points: to develop large audience games for all software platforms, to publish games of all major video game genres (action, race, platform, adventure, strategy …) and to distribute worldwide.

About Virtuoso
Virtuoso is a division of KOCH Media allowing UK developers and foreign publishers alike, a new method of penetrating the UK marketplace. Virtuoso provides a complete 'Virtual Office' solution including absolute product management, trade/end user PR and marketing expertise with an unconventional sales focus. All supported by the KOCH Distribution on-site logistical & warehouse operation.

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