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Casanova: The Duel of the Black Rose

by Rainier on Aug. 28, 2001 @ 8:04 p.m. PDT

Wanadoo announce the stunning new action/adventure game where romance and the way of the sword run hand in hand. Puzzle-solving, romancing and fencing. (No, not that sort.)
Venice, a city of romance, a city of beauty and a city of hidden danger…prepare to immerse yourself in a world where reputation is paramount and the sword establishes the truth…

You are Giacomo Casanova, a young libertine who travels to Venice to find his father and avenge the slaying of his mother.
In the course of your search, you quickly stumble upon a web of intrigue and deception. Three of the cities highest political powers (The Secret Order of the Black Rose, the Conjuration of the Nephilim and the traditional enemy, the Mongol Empire) are waging a clandestine war that threatens the stability of Venice. In order to survive, you will need to become a master swordsman, a gallant seducer and a fine diplomat.

A dramatic blend of action and adventure sees you engaged in a swashbuckling saga of epic proportions set in a stunning 18th Century alternative universe Venice. Battle your way through fierce sword fights, uncover heinous plots and romance the most beautiful woman in Venice. But be aware, around every corner danger makes your quest ever more dangerous. Honour is fought out with great passion, and fought to the death.


  • A swashbuckling saga set in beautiful 18th Century Venice
  • Stunning 3D engine provides the splendour of pre-rendered scenery and full 3D real time character movement
  • An epic and romantic world: 80 characters, 130 locations, control of lights, shadows, reflections etc
  • A unique sword-fighting system: 3 totally different styles of swordplay with their own attacking and defensive moves. Includes a special 'beat 'em up' mode with real contact between swords
  • Progressive learning of weapons through out the game. Learn how to master the sword and fighting styles at a specially designed fencing school
  • Mood development of adversaries according to the progression of combat (from angry to cowardly)
  • Acquisition of secret weapons like crossbows and muskets
  • Numerous arcade action scenes where the player must demonstrate his skill in combat, evading capture, avoiding missiles, cutting ropes etc
  • A seduction-based interface allows the player to charm his conquests by tailoring his approach according to the circumstances
  • Control over the reputation of the hero depending on the path he has chosen and two important indexes: gallantry and ability as a swordsman


Release date: September

About Wanadoo
The Wanadoo group, a subsidiary of France Telecom and the leading Internet media Company in France, covers the whole Internet value chain. It has expanded its reach across Europe through the acquisition of Freeserve, n°1 of the Internet access in the UK.
Wanadoo's video game publishing activity gives the Wanadoo group a dynamic source of compelling video games to captivate the consumer on consoles, PCs and the Internet. Wanadoo's development strategy centres around three key points: to develop games for all software platforms, to publish games of all major video game genres (action, race, platform, adventure, strategy …) and to distribute worldwide.

About Virtuoso
Virtuoso is a division of KOCH Media allowing UK developers and foreign publishers alike, a new method of penetrating the UK marketplace. Virtuoso provides a complete 'Virtual Office' solution including absolute product management, trade/end user PR and marketing expertise with an unconventional sales focus. All supported by the KOCH Distribution on-site logistical & warehouse operation.

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