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by Rainier on Aug. 29, 2001 @ 6:49 p.m. PDT

Rage, the UK-based computer games publisher and developer, today announces that it has launched a brand new dedicated website for its forthcoming game - Denki Blocks! - Visitors to the site can also play a special exclusive sample of the game prior to launch.

Set in a colourful fantasy world called Puzzle Island populated by wacky, animated characters, Denki Blocks! is a deceptively simple and hugely inventive game of skill and ingenuity. Like all the very best puzzle games, Denki Blocks! has a simple premise; players are challenged to build elaborate shapes against the clock.

Denki Blocks! is played by sliding coloured building blocks, known as "gumblocks" around a board. When two "gumblocks" of the same colour touch, they join together to form a new shape. When the player manages to create the shape indicated, or when all the colour blocks are joined, the puzzle is completed.

Denki Blocks! is easy to pick up and instantly entertaining. It is crammed with literally hundreds of stimulating puzzles, offering endless compulsive gameplay for one to four players. Players compete against the computer-controlled Puzzle Islanders, advancing through increasingly taxing levels in the race to beat the devious Puzzle Master.

"Denki Blocks! is an amazingly contagious puzzle game for everyone," said Rage Software's marketing manager, Jane Hickey. "Once you pick this up you will find it almost impossible to put down. Its colour, cuteness, gameplay and fascination will be universally appealing."

Denki Blocks! will be released on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color platform in October.

About Rage:
Rage Software plc, based in Liverpool, UK and established in 1992, is a publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software. The company has a large number of the UK's finest games developers across its design studios and has produced a number of hit titles including Striker, Incoming, Jonah Lomu Rugby and Hostile Waters. Rage has the exclusive worldwide rights to produce a series of officially licensed games featuring the Manchester United and England soccer star, David Beckham, the MGM Rocky movie anthology featuring Sylvester Stallone and world champion inline skaters Cesar Mora and Fabiola da Silva. Rage has relationships with Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA, Nokia and Orange and is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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