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Tarzan's Swinging onto the PS2 (Facts & Screens)

by Rainier on Sept. 10, 2001 @ 7:48 p.m. PDT

Tarzan and his family’s happy jungle existence are threatened by the appearance of Oswald Gardner, a mad Victorian scientist. Aided by vicious hunter Julius Wolff, Gardner hopes to capture and study apes using cruel, arcane methods. The discovery of Tarzan and Jane inspires Gardner, and he becomes obsessed with their capture for exhibition and study.

The story begins where the film ended. Tarzan lives happily with Jane, Porter and his ape friends, when intruders invade the jungle. A mad Victorian scientist, Oswald Gardner, aided by vicious hunter Julius Wolff, hopes to capture and study apes using cruel, arcane methods. But when he discovers the existence of Tarzan, he becomes obsessed with his capture for exhibition and study. To get his hands on him, he progressively captures all his friends: baby apes, Tantor, even Jane! To save them all, Tarzan will have to challenge the wild jungle: he will splash down onto the rapids with his surfboard to rescue Terk, fly through the air down towards the water to find Tantor, challenge Gardner’s hunters and other nefarious animals to free Jane, explore the jungle and its caverns to release baby apes.

Fortunately, Tarzan will be helped in his quest by Gardner’s carelessness. By collecting film reels the scientist forgot, Tarzan will be able to track down Gardner and his hunters and free Jane and his friends.


Disney’s Tarzan is a fast paced action game. As Tarzan, you will perform various adrenaline-pumping actions, ride rivers through the jungle, slide on branches… Always avoiding the numerous obstacles that compose the wild and lively jungle.

  • Extreme breath taking game play
    Through 15 levels, game-play is based on rhythm and fast paced motion. The raft, bungee, the water-ski, the surf, the tree-slide, the 360° slide… give a real feeling of rapidity and provide a sensational play experience.
    - 50% of the game is general motion = walk, jump, run, spear attack… But most of the general motion game-play exploits Tarzan’s extreme abilities : Vine swing, Wall / tree climb, Tree slide, Ground slide, 360° slide…
    - The other 50% of the game is extreme pure action : Water ski, Raft, Bungee jump…Bungee jump is a bonus level you find at the end of each World, when Tarzan collected all baby Apes of the level.

  • Intense play experience
    Being Tarzan, you can perform a large number of basic moves and trick moves.
    - Sliding / General motion : Handstand slide, Reverse Tree slide (backwards) , Somersault vine release, Ground tumble…
    - Rafting : 360°spin, Kick Flip, Corkscrew (vertical flip)…
    - Waterski : Reverse Ski, Tumble turn, forward flip, Scarecrow…
    To maximise your sensations while sliding in the trees, a “smart control system” allows you to run along narrow branches with ease = it acts as a magnet under the branches, so that to stay on, you have to follow roughly the correct direction, and you can then increase your speed for greater sliding sensations!
  • Immersive fascinating jungle
    Immerse totally in the wild environment of the jungle through graphics, special effects (light reflecting in the water, mud particules splashing when Tarzan surfes on branches, flower and leaves moving in the background…), high quality textures, sound quality…thanks to the possibilities of the PS2!
    You have 3 amazing Worlds to explore :
    - The dense and happy Jungle, the dank and muggy Swamps, the dark and ominous caves that lead to the Elephant Graveyard.
  • 2 play modes for hours of fun!
    - Follow the scenario through Story Mode
    - Have fun and enjoy the game-play in every detail with “Terk’s Challenge” = replay the levels, and try to beat time scores or do as many trick moves as possible… to unlock special characters (Jane, Porter and Terk)!

  • 15 different levels …

    World 1 :
    1. Waterfall plungee (Bungee)
    2. Free the young (general motion)
    3. Surf for Terk (surf)
    4. Hang-sliding (water ski)
    5. Tarzan vs Julius Wolff (boss)

    World 2 :
    1. In search for Porter (general motion)
    2. Over the edge (bungee)
    3. Skiing the swamp (water ski)
    4. Hunters trails (general motion)
    5. Crocodile clash (boss)

    World 3 :
    1. Into the caverns (general motion)
    2. Cavern drop (bungee)
    3. Underground rapids (surf)
    4. Subterranean search (raft & general motion)
    5. Elephant graveyard (boss)

  • Numerous Friends… and enemies!
    Meet all favourite characters from the movie and play with them in Terk’s challenge play mode : Jane, Porter and Terk.
    When succeeding in the bungee jump bonus level, you can unlock 3 type of Friendlies = monkeys that help Tarzan cross an obstacle. You can get help by yelling for Trapeze monkeys, Gorilla boost, and Hanging Monkeys.

Tarzan will have to fight 3 big boss at the end of each world
World 1 : Hunter Julius Wolf
World 2 : Crocodile fight
World 3 : Hunter Julius Wolff + mad scientist Oswald Gardner

And of course he’ll have to face plenty of other human or animal enemies = wild pigs, porcupines, wild cats, rhinos, snakes, spiders, bats, crocodiles, pinranhas, hunters…

Embody Tarzan for his new adventures, starting just when the movie ends.
Plunge into a living jungle (incredible graphics and sounds) and maximise your sensations.

Experience extreme sensations with “original sports hero” Tarzan and challenge the wild jungle on your PlayStation ® 2.

Key Selling Points

  • The Tarzan property
  • A universally known character (first appearance in 1912, featured since then magazines, comic books, 26 authorized novels, radio and TV programs, and more than 43 motion pictures)
  • A great Disney animation movie : n° 2 or n°3 Disney movie in Europe (just after The Lion King and Aladdin, depending on the countries)
  • A great new TV series on Disney cartoon networks in Fall 2001! “Disney’s The Legend of Tarzan”.

Extreme and innovative game-play

  • Extreme breakneck actions
  • Smart control system to maximise game sensations
  • A wild environment where danger is never far

A complete new Tarzan adventure

  • A strong scenario that continues the movie script
  • Features your favourite characters : Jane, Terk, Tantor…

Incredible graphics and sound effects, maximising sensations

LICENSOR / DEVELOPER : Disney Interactive / Ubi Soft
PLATFORM : PlayStation ® 2
CATEGORY/GENRE : Extreme action platform game
RELEASE DATE : 15/11/2001

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