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Codemasters Declares A Technology War On Playstation 2 Game Pirates

by Rainier on Sept. 11, 2001 @ 8:45 p.m. PDT

Video game pirates are about to be snookered as Codemasters confirms that it has engineered a PlayStation 2 variant of its successful anti-counterfeiting FADE technology.

The PlayStation 2 version of FADE will be first used for the launch of World Championship Snooker 2002, the definitive snooker simulator, due 28th September.

Attempting to use an illegal copy of World Championship Snooker 2002 is the equivalent of potting the white cue ball.

The FADE system is a piece of embedded code on the PlayStation 2 DVD that can recognise the difference between counterfeit and real copies of the game's disc.

If a pirated disc is identified, the game automatically disables key gaming features and instigates a number of subtle changes that adversely effect gameplay. The effect isn't noticeable immediately, but as a counterfeit copy is played the game self-modifies and strange things happen to the snooker balls, rendering the game unplayable.

This system of anti-piracy not only puts off the pirates from duplicating the game disc but is also preventative in putting off people who would purchase a pirate copy from doing so. Indeed, no matter what a counterfeiter may say, anyone considering getting an illegal version will not be convinced they'd get the fully playable game.

The game will additionally be protected with secondary copy protection technology and use FADE as an additional tactic against counterfeiting.

The concept of FADE is adapted from a similar system employed by Codemasters' PlayStation game LMA Manager 2001 and the PC game Operation Flashpoint, which Codemasters believed reduced the amount of pirated CDs in circulation and enhanced sales performance.

Comments John Hemingway, Codemasters' Development Director:

"It's proven from raids on counterfeit resellers that the FADE system utilised on previous formats has been very successful. Working closely with the Crime Unit at ELSPA, we will continue to act against the trade of illegally copying software, which harms our developers livelihoods and the growth of the video games business."

After the number one, best-selling success of World Championship Snooker on PlayStation, Codemasters launches the much-anticipated World Championship Snooker 2002 for PlayStation 2 in mid-September, RRP £39.99.

Further information about World Championship Snooker 2002 can be found on the game's microsite.

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