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Updated 'Worms Blast' Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 12, 2001 @ 10:17 p.m. PDT

Marking a first for the series, Worms Blast will be the first game to appear using 3D characters, play in a real-time environment and see the series start to move into new genres whist crossing them with the familiar genre that is Worms.

Enjoyable single or multi-player fun, players duke it out big style with familiar and new loony weapons in a wild race to sink their opponents boat. It’s a battle of brains and brawn playing one of eight fantastic characters from the Worms Universe. In time-honoured Worms fashion, players unleash a series of weapons against each other through the opening divider or underwater, in a wild race to sink their rival’s boat. With familiar weapons such as holy hand grenade, rocket launchers, shotguns and grenades accompanied by new additions including sea monster attacks, meteor storms and Torpedoes.

Genuine skill and strategy is needed to survive Worms Blast’s chaotic levels. The unpredictable nature of the CPU and human opponents means that death can come from any direction, while the themed levels and their varying temperatures throw up a wealth of unwelcome surprises. The series’ famed intuitive gameplay and cartoon-like sense of humour will also ensure the game will appeal to hardened Worms veterans and newcomers alike.

Worms Blast is to be released in Autumn 2001.

It’s Madcap comic violence and mayhem at it’s very best.

Team 17’s Commercial Director Debbie Bestwick “Ubi Soft were an obvious choice as a partner to take Worms to the next level. Team17 were looking for the right leading global partner and with Ubi Soft’s world-wide distribution into 52 countries, their strong character marketing approach and their superb developer relations we are looking forward to building a strong relationship between the two companies”.

Rob Cooper, Managing Director of Ubi Soft (Northern Europe/Australasia/Export) asserted “We’re delighted to be publishing the series as Worms is one of those evergreen brands that manages to balance a great heritage whilst retaining buoyancy. Fans of the series will not be disappointed as Team 17 have adopted a fresh approach that will enable us to ensure the new range of Worm Blast games will be the biggest yet.”

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