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Operation Flashpoint's war goes global

by Rainier on Sept. 13, 2001 @ 6:22 p.m. PDT

Operation Flashpoint's Cold War crisis is going global as the dedicated server functionality software is released today as part of the latest Upgrade for the game. The server software enables players to create online multiplayer servers and compete or co-operate in online multiplayer missions.

Operation Flashpoint's war goes global as online server software becomes available. Plus: even more new vehicles and multiplayer missions released.

The new Upgrade, which also enables players to add new missions

and vehicles to the game,is available for free download from

Codemasters' web site CLICK HERE

The Upgrade adds new multiplayer features, such as a mission creation wizard with standard templates, three new multiplayer missions - one team based and two co-operative - and three new vehicles: the AH64 helicopter, the CH-47 Chinook US Transport Helicopter and a new off-road vehicle the M998 HMMWV.

The number one, chart-dominating soldier sim of the summer has won a massive fan base throughout Europe. The game has just received its US release, finally bringing together players on both sides of the Atlantic.

Improved peripheral compatibility is also included in the Upgrade, providing functionality for general programmable joysticks, general programmable joypads, and force feedback joysticks.

As part of Codemasters' anti-piracy initiative utilising its FADE system, the in-game counterfeit-protection software, this Upgrade and the dedicated server support for Operation Flashpoint will only work with legitimate production copies of the game. Furthermore, a CD Key - the alphanumerical password unique to each copy of the game - is also required to play via the online servers and authentic CD Keys are only available with retail packaged editions of the game.

Codemasters urges gamers to only download Upgrades for Operation Flashpoint from the official site or recognised mirror sites, HERE. This is due to hacked versions of Upgrades appearing on the Internet, which have attempted to circumvent the FADE anti-piracy system. However these versions are highly unstable and can render an authentic copy of the game unplayable.

Operation Flashpoint's all-new Upgrade is now available HERE or directly from HERE


  • Dedicated Server support
  • AH64 Helicopter (new vehicle)
  • CH-47 Chinook US Transport Helicopter (New vehicle)
  • M998 HMMWV (New off-road vehicle)
  • Multiplayer mission - 2-12 Sector Control (team based)
  • Multiplayer mission - 1-6 lost squad (Co-operative)
  • Multiplayer mission - 3-9 Return to Eden (Co-operative)
  • Peripheral - General programmable joystick: improved compatibility
  • Peripheral - General programmable game pad: improved compatibility
  • Peripheral - Force feedback joystick improved: compatibility
  • Multiplayer Features - mission creation wizard with templates
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