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Super Bust-A-Move Pops Up! (Screens)

by Rainier on Sept. 14, 2001 @ 7:27 p.m. PDT

EON unveils the ultimate version of Taito's classic series… EON Digital Entertainment is to release the PC version of Taito's eagerly-awaited Super Bust-A-Move this September.

Super Bust-A-Move represents the culmination of over ten years of Bust-A-Move games- and is the most demanding and entertaining addition to the series to date. The basic idea is incredibly simple: players control cute characters that sit beneath a projectile weapon that fires coloured bubbles. Dotted across the 100+ levels are more bubbles and the aim of the game is to group together three or more similarly coloured bubbles which then disappear.

Despite this apparent simplicity, Super Bust-A-Move constantly turns the screw with the addition of several unpredictable factors. A strict time limit reduces the size of the play area and different bubble types affect the way bubbles react to others. Another addition are the teeter-totter devices that tilt alarmingly if the balance is shifted when removing bubbles.

With its the multi-layered content and incredibly compulsive gameplay Taito has created a game certain to keep PC owners glued to their screens. A wealth of game options also adds to the fun, with players plotting a course through a maze of levels or competing against a CPU opponent. There is also a demanding two-player mode, wherein any bubbles removed from one player's screen are sent to their opponents'!

"With its vast heritage and addictive gameplay, gamers will be playing this game for years to come" Dani Winterburn, Marketing Director, EON Digital Entertainment

Super Bust-A-Move - once you pop, you can't stop…

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