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Gun Metal XBOX Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 18, 2001 @ 9:00 p.m. PDT

Rage is hard at work to bring Gun Metal to the XBOX (as well as the PC) and we bring you a bunch of screens that should give you a better view of what its all about ..

Welcome to Gunmetal.

With the last of your outer defences breached and the enemy moving ever onward, destroying all that lies in its path, only one hope remains.

Standing ten metres tall and equipped with an arsenal of devastating weaponry, a battle machine that can transform into a highly manoeuvrable jet fighter is your only hope of turning the tide of war.

Landing on Xbox - Spring 2002.


  • Freely transform from powerful mech to highly manoeuvrable jet fighter. Choose your own attack strategy.
  • Walk, run, jetpack or fly over a variety of breathtaking landscapes.
  • Tool-up with an extensive armoury of spectacular & devastating weaponry. Includes innovations such as independently aiming twin pistols.
  • Leave your mark on the densely populated environments: scorch the earth, crush rocks under foot, fell trees, torch crops, tear chunks out of towering buildings and raze entire settlements to the ground.
  • Take the fight to the enemy hordes as you progress through 25 diverse and engaging missions.
  • Battle a wide variety of enemy units ranging from scuttling foot soldiers to monstrous battle fortresses.
  • Toy with the various herds of animals that inhabit the environments; watch them trample forests and blunder into battle.
  • Heed the supporting cast of characters as they relay information to you in the heat of a skirmish.
  • Assist the remaining battalions of allied forces as they take their last stand.


Genre: 3rd Person Shoot-'em-up
Publisher: Rage
Developer: Rage
Formats: Xbox™ PC CD ROM

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