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POLAROID PETE Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 18, 2001 @ 10:45 p.m. PDT

Stop the presses,"Godzilla seen smashing up downtown !!!" "Mysterious man seen climbing building !!!" "Ghosts roaming the streets !!!"
"Pete get down their and get some pictures"
This is where you come in, you play Pete Goldman an intrepid reporter for the Planet Times on assignment to capture Japan's wildest events and win the Pulitzer prize. As a fearless newshound you will go to any extreme to get the picture you want. On your trips around Japan the places you get to visit include,
  • A haunted town with a multitude of ghost and ghouls.
  • A city in chaos featuring a marauding dinosaur and a runaway train.
  • A crazy sports event with super bendy gymnasts.

Brought to you by JVC and Irem in association with Polaroid it's just you and your trusty camera as you take part in the most original game on the PS2. Spend hours exploring each level with so many things to spot and photograph, Polaroid Pete is incredibly addictive fun for all the family. Once you are drawn into the warped world of Mr Goldman you will find it impossible to escape.

Available on PS2 in December for £29.99


  • Polaroid Endorsed.
  • Cheap Price point £29.99.
  • Totally original gameplay and concept.
  • Photo album to save your best pictures to memory card.
  • Pick up and play gameplay and that elusive "One more go quality"


  • R1 Shutter/Take photo
  • R2 Camera lock
  • L1 Flash
  • L2 Zoom
  • X Jump
  • Square + D Pad Dash
  • Triangle No Function
  • O Select


  • Each stage has a set number of points to achieve in order to progress. The better your photography the more points you can gain.
  • If you manage to take a photograph in the exact centre of your target you will receive more points (Cool & Fine Bonus)
  • The flash function can make invisible items appear such as ghosts.
  • Every stage has a key moment to photograph. In order to progress you need to capture this event.
  • Secret events can be photographed to open up bonus levels.

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