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Set sail on a high seas adventure! Patrician II has hit gold

by Rainier on Sept. 24, 2001 @ 10:33 p.m. PDT

Strategy First Inc. and German developer, Ascaron are pleased to announce that Patrician II has gone gold - setting sail for North American retailers next month.

Scheduled for release in early October, Patrician II is one of the most recent award-winning real-time trading simulations to come from Germany. By combining elements from strategy, adventure and simulation game play, Patrician II will attract a whole new category of player.

About Patrician II

Set in the 1300's, Patrician II reproduces maritime trade in Northern Europe at the time of the Hanseatic League. Players take on the role of a citizen in a medieval town where the goal is to rise from a simple trader to prestigious businessman. To achieve this goal, players must gain recognition and prestige among the community and try to make a profit by producing and trading goods and completing missions.

Since the primary goal of most scenarios is to be elected mayor, players may choose to buy town improvements, or build new businesses. However, Patrician II offers players several options for winning - some using less scrupulous means. Players can bribe certain influential people, or hire pirates to comb the seas and raid ships for competitors. Either way, their task is to handle supply and demand in certain cities. A variety of goods must be carefully purchased and sent for trade in far off ports in search of the highest buyer. Over 20 commodities can be bought and sold, ranging from rudimentary items such as salt to more luxurious items such as wine and pottery.

The task of trading goods for gold is just one part of this high-seas adventure. Simply getting the goods to their desired destination can be an adventure in itself. Storms can often plague the seas; slowing down the speed and damaging the ship's body. Pirates may also take the ship hostage, relieving it of all its possessions. The time will come, when all efforts will fail and players will be forced into battle.

For more information about the game log onto the WEBSITE.

Patrician II will be distributed by Infogrames throughout North America for a suggested retail price of $39.99 US.

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About Ascaron
Over the years, ASCARON GmbH has developed into an independent software manufacturer who, with his excellent products, very good sales results and
self-confident appearances has become an integral part of the European entertainment software scene. The company’s positive development is not only reflected in its growing turnover, but also in the steadily increasing number of staff members who are integrated into the continuously developing and, growing corporate structure.

About Strategy First
Strategy First Inc. is a leading developer and worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC. Founded in 1990, the company has grown rapidly, publishing major games in the industry and simultaneously developing its own in-house titles such as O.R.B., Disciples II, Nexagon: The Pit and Zero-G Marines. After winning numerous awards for games such as Disciples: Sacred Lands, Europa Universalis, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns and Steel Beasts, Strategy First continues to push the gaming envelope with its own groundbreaking titles, while maintaining its reputation as a unique alternative for independent developers seeking to market their games to a worldwide audience.

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