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Question Time with Bill Roper: Warcraft III

by Rainier on Sept. 3, 2001 @ 3:05 p.m. PDT

-- From the mail -- QUESTION TIME WITH BILL.. This month we had a slew of questions about Warcraft III, so rather than try and pick just one, we went ahead and grabbed a handful!

Q. Todd Martin poses the question, "If Legendary Heroes can have different skin colors, names, and attributes, will you have the liberty to alter these attributes in the campaign editor? Can you change their portraits?"

A. You will be able to change most of the properties of your Legendary Heroes, such as the name, abilities and core statistics of the unit. Currently we do not support importing new unit or portrait artwork into the game. The World Editor will, however, give map creators a set of tools with which to make maps and campaigns unparalleled by any in our previous products, including the ability to script and direct in-game cinematic sequences.

Q. Samuel Thornton inquires, "The trailer for Warcraft III is amazing! How many people does it take to make them and who does them?"

A. We maintain our own group of cinematic artists known as the Blizzard Film Department. With a department of about 20 people, they create all of our trailers and in-game cinematic sequences, as well as finding time to also generate high-resolution images for things like magazine covers. The size of the team for each project varies in size, ranging from 4-5 artists all the way up to the entire department for something of the size and scope of the most recent Warcraft III trailer. We also have composers and sound designers here at Blizzard who then provide the music and effects.

Q. Pierre Monette wants to know, "Will Blizzard ever make a movie with their great story lines from StarCraft, Warcraft or Diablo?"

A. We firmly believe that the worlds we have created to support our games can provide a viable source of entertainment beyond the realm of the computer. We are currently working with Pocket Books, a division of Simon and Schuster Publishing, on a successful line of novels set in all three of our universes. We look forward to expanding our franchises into the arenas of film and television and hope that key companies and creative people in that industry share this vision.

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