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French developer Oiko brings us a dino game..

by Rainier on Sept. 4, 2001 @ 9:17 a.m. PDT

Play and train smart prehistoric creatures in a crazy team sport game! Dinoz brings you Cartoon Team Sport & Action al in one and the same game.

Game Overview
In a cartoon prehistoric planet, live crazy compelling creatures : the Dinoz. Across ages, Dinoz have specialized into numerous species gathered in four genres. Their favorite entertainment is DinozBall : a rule free team sport played across all continents.

Select your four Dinoz team and play rushing DinozBall matches. Catch the egg (the ball), run, make passes, give tactical orders to your Dinoz, fight, … and score tries.

Stadiums you play in are superb but hazardous tiny continents. Always take the environment into consideration when developing your tactics. Find your way in canyons, cross swamps, get round lava, fight against carnivorous plants, activate mechanisms …

Be smart and fast. The more you play, the strongest are the teams you challenge.

Across matches you will win new Dinoz. Breed and train them in a magnificent zoo : the DinozPark. Watch and understand your Dinoz … their unique personality and skills will make the difference in the next match you will play.

Game Features

  • Control 4 Dinoz at a time in fast-paces DinozBall matches
  • 30 stadiums in 6 superb environments : including Desert, Ice, Volcanoes, Island...
  • Gain up to 28 Dinoz species which can evolve in 3 behavioral directions! Aggressive; fast or defensive.
  • Advanced 3D graphics and effects, such as parametric animations and lighting effects, bring Dinoz to life and exploit all the power of the PS2
  • Dinoz individual and group behaviors powered by DirectIA®’s artifical life.
  • Split screen multiplayer mode.

Release Date: Spring 2002

official WEB SITE

Developer’s Profile
Based in Paris, France, Oïko Entertainment is setting new standards for interactive entertainment and merges the creative and engineering talents of the video game industry with the world of research. Oïko’s mantra is to concentrate the games’ emotion and challenge on the relationship between players and AI powered autonomous and evolutionary characters.
Oïko Entertainment produces console and PC games edited by world class publishers. The company is a subsidiary of MASA and bases its core technology on MASA’s artificial life and distributed networking middleware.

MASA is a premier software company renowned for its R&D in Adaptive Technologies. With research labs in Paris (France), Brighton (UK) and Tengshua (China), MASA owns critical technologies in the field of artificial life (DirectIA®), Darwinian systems (Evolver®), and peer to peer distributed networking (DirectNetwork®).
MASA develops advanced solutions for large corporations and has started up subsidiaries dedicated to high technology markets (Video Games, Genome Engineering and Interactive TV).

About Vivendi Universal Publishing
Vivendi Universal Publishing is a world leader in mass-market multimedia communications. The Company has 22,000 employees and 300 brands in 40 countries and aims to become the unchallenged leader in each of its operating sectors VU Publishing had 2000 pro-forma revenues of 3.6 billion euros. A leading publisher of online and PC and Console-based interactive content, the Company’s portfolio of entertainment software brands includes Blizzard Entertainment,, Sierra and Universal Interactive Studios. Interactive entertainment is one of parent company Vivendi Universal’s key content areas, along with movies, music and other publishing activities.

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