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Havok 1.5 previewed at ECTS

by Rainier on Sept. 4, 2001 @ 9:49 p.m. PDT

Havok previewed the Havok 1.5 SDK at ECTS, it will be on full release in early October. Added features to the top selling physics SDK include fast character cloth, enhanced deformable object physics and a groundbreaking car dynamics tool for real time changes. The Havok Car Tuning Tool is the first application that facilitates real-time tuning of vehicle SDK parameters via a graphical user interface.
Valve, Ion Storm, Nihilistic, MindsEye, Acclaim, Dark Black and Team 17.are all using Havok physics to enhance gameplay in their upcoming titles

"We now have over 35 titles in development on all major console platforms using Havok physics. These developers are setting the standard for future expected levels of gameplay with their use of physics. Our job will always be to keep up with the demands of our game customers as they develop scenarios and gameplay that require new and exciting physics", said Hugh Reynolds, CEO of Havok.

"We have found Havok technology opens up new avenues of gameplay decisions for the player to make, these would otherwise be forced by the design. Havok is intuitive for the artists to utilise, not only does it save time but also ensures that world creation is very simple and flexible," said David Lazarus, Producer of Knights for Lost Boys Games

"Nous utilisons le moteur physique de premier ordre mondial Havok dans notre prochain titre à fin d'améliorer la jouabilité et atteindre un nouveau niveau de réalisme. La technologie Havok réduit considérablement la durée de développement et nous permet d'ajouter des éléments au jeu que nous n'aurions pas eu le temps de développer autrement." Fabrice Toledano, Microids, France

"Havok physics has given us the ability to get great gameplay into our title within 4 months. The support has been outstanding, Havok is really setting the standard for physics", said Bill Allen of Data Design who are developing a next generation Tonka Monster Truck game for the PC.

About Havok

Havok develops and markets real-time physics software for digital entertainment and web-based applications. Havok's engine is used by some of the world's leading media companies to create online content (Shockwave), Interactive entertainment (Valve, Ion Storm), and movies (Swordfish).

Havok technology is the most powerful real time physical simulation solution worldwide. It offers integrated rigid body, soft body, cloth, and rope dynamics with the fastest collision detection and most robust constraints across all consumer level hardware platforms. These include the PC, Mac, Linux, PS2, Gamecube and the X-box.

Havok is the rigid body physics system in Shockwave from Macromedia and the dynamics driving reactor from Discreet.

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