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Lost Boys Games Plays Havok with Knights (screens)

by Rainier on Sept. 4, 2001 @ 10:34 p.m. PDT

Lost Boys games has signed a deal this week with Havok, which will enable it full use of the Havok Physics Technology. This technology will be used on the 3D platform action adventure Knights, currently in development in the company's Amsterdam Studio.

The game programmers for Knights tested a number of physics engines before deciding that Havok Physics Technology was the one that suited their needs the best. Martin de Ronde, Commercial Director of Lost Boys games commented, "Although there was a good choice of suitable physics engines available, the flexibility and quality of Havok Physics Technology made it perfect for the Knights project." He continued, "We were searching for an engine that could adapt itself to the many diverse mini-games such as firing boulders from giant catapults or trying to control a rowing boat on a raging river full of whirlpools. It was paramount to the selection that the physics appeared as realistic as possible, whilst still allowing the characters cartoon style personalities to shine through."

Knights is a 3D platform action adventure and has recently been signed by German publisher SWING! Entert@inment Media AG. It is due for release on PlayStation 2 in time for Christmas 2001, with other versions for other platforms to follow early 2002.

For the PlayStation 2 version, Knights makes use of the same in house created 3D render engine as the recently announced secret PS2 title under development at Lost Boys games, which is to be published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Lost Boys games was founded on January 1st 2000 as the result of the merger of three established Dutch development studios and is a subsidiary of Dutch New Media company, Lost Boys.
The Lost Boys parent company specialises in tailor-made new media solutions, which create a fusion between business strategy, creativity and technology. They are rapidly expanding and now employ over 700 people and have offices in 8 countries.
Lost Boys games are currently working on three new titles for next generation consoles (Knights, Call of the Dragonfly and an as yet un-named title for Playstation 2) and also have their own dedicated division for handheld game development, called Formula. Publishing partners include SCEE, Swing! and Telegames.
A dedicated technology team is currently working on the completion of our custom 3D engine, which will serve as the basis for all titles developed by Lost Boys games, in addition, other studios around Europe have already expressed an interest in licensing this engine as the foundation for their forthcoming projects.
Lost Boys games also has an in-house digital studio for production of music and sound effects for all the games in development, with a composer working alongside the programmers and game designers throughout the development process to ensure that the music grows with and complements each product.
By having a flexible 3D game and graphics engine ready for next generation consoles and PC and by developing products for the latest technology in handheld gaming devices, Lost Boys games is ready for the future of gaming. Also, with the financial and organisational backing of Lost Boys (formerly 100% parent of one of the founding studios), the path of expansion is guaranteed as Lost Boys games aims to establish itself as a top quality developer of PC and console games.

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