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New World Order - Facts & Exclusive Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 11, 2002 @ 8:04 p.m. PST

New World Order is most likely to succeed where many other First Person Shooters failed ... Unless a nuclear attack wipes out the world .. New World Order will be the first REAL CounterStrike killer ... Something i personally have been looking for... Project 3 Interactive was so kind to send us 10 exclusive screens and some product information ... A Multiplayer Demo is to be expected next month (february) so keep checking in with us if you want it ;) Full game expected in May 2002!


Key features

  • Built on cutting-edge 3D-technology
  • Next-generation teamplay-based multiplayer.
  • Featuring single and cooperative gameplay modes.
  • Improving the genre with new gameplay additions.
  • Easy to get into, hard to master, gameplay for all.

"Get rid of terrorists yourself"

The universe in which NWO plays is the present or very near future, with obviously some minor alterations to reality. In NWO separatist groups and terrorist fractions rely more and more on freelance help to perform attacks. The most successful of these groups are called "The Syndicate". The Syndicate believe they can do whatever they like: they take hostages, they sabotage or blow up vital installations and so on.

The Syndicate are a bunch of bad guys from different origin - former Spetznaz, ex-KGB, corrupt CIA, deserted special forces and mercanaries of all kind - who have teamed up to do what they do best and earn some big bucks. Since a direct war against these elements is impossible, the world powers have answered with the formation of guerilla teams who have the authority to dispose of the Syndicate anyway they see fit: the Global Assault Team (GAT), existing of top military and anti-terrorist personnel. Unlike most anti-terrorist teams, the GAT has the mandate to search out and destroy terrorists all over the globe.

PS: This story was thought up long before September 11th.

Game features

- Teamplay based

- Multiplayer (LAN and internet) and Single Player modes available

- Realistic weapons from handguns to shotguns to (sniper-)rifles AND lots of additional gear and equipment, like antiflash-goggles and silencer addons.

- Icon-System to perform actions (climb etc)

- Fatigue meter

  • Limits your ability to perform unordinary moves such as jumping, running and sniping.
  • Changes if you health drops, and varies with the location of the damage.
  • Is affected by the amount of gear you are carrying.
  • Sniping taxes you fatigue meter. Moving and sniping moreso than crouching and staying put.
  • In addition to an actual meter, your fatigue level will be indicated by heartbeats and panting at extreme levels.
  • Unordinary actions such as Climbing and decent by rope will be easy to use but tough to master. An experienced player will climb a rope quicker. This is handled by the fatigue system.

- Rank. A measure of your experience

  • Instead of using money as a means to impose restrictions in weapons arsenal, NWO uses rank.
  • A higher rank equals access to higher level guns.
  • Higher rank is achieved by eliminating the opposition and accomplishing team based goals.
  • Every hit you land on an opponent takes you closer to the next rank. This ensures satisfaction even if you did not land the final blow.
  • The rank system can be invisible to the player, but the push of a button will reveal to the more experienced gamers how much is required to reach the next rank.
  • Getting hit or eliminated lowers your rank.

- Weight. The key to speed.

  • You have a maximum weight allowance (as do all gamers).
  • More carried weight equals more fatigue.
  • You can choose to carry 4 grenades, but then you will not be able to carry a primary weapon and so forth.

- There are always at least two possible ways of reaching your objectives

  • There will be two ways to bomb a target, two routes to reach a group of hostages, two ways to escape a compound etc.

- Destroy the escape vehicle

  • Often one team has an escape vehicle. If the other team manages to destroy it they gain some time and it advances your rank.

System requirements

Minimum system requirements:
- Pentium III 400 Mhz processor
- a 32bit 3D card like: nVidia TNT2, Matrox G450 or equivalent (with 32 Mb video memory or more)
- 128 Mb system memory
- Direct X8.1

Recommended system requirements:
- Pentium III 900+ Mhz or an AMD K7 processor
- NVidia GeForce 2, ATI 8500 Radeon or equivalent (with 64 Mb video memory)
- 256 Mb system memory
- Direct X8.1

NWO is getting lots of support in the hardware area, with ATI, Matrox and PowerVR officially having announced their support and nVidia also chipping in with useful support. The three parties mentioned are and will be - besides supplying us with their present and future video cards or specs of cards - heavily involved in testing the game and making sure it will run on their cards.


As opposed to all of the FPS clones being built on existing engines, New World Order is built on a completely new, unique, technology that allows for the creation of extremely complex environments with as much detail as needed. The engine used in New World Order, the DVA engine, is the first of a new breed of cutting edge rendering technology, and the next logical step towards environments that look as good as reality.

Dynamic Visibility Analysis (abbreviated as DVA) handles what is seen, and therefore rendered, in real-time every frame. It means that it can use more complex geometry without slowing down the framerate since the DVA will only render what is seen on-screen, not what is behind / covered by dynamic objects. Due to this fact the DVA engine can therefore have 3-5 or more times as many polygons actually showing up on the screen. And it shows...

For more in depth details of the DVA-engine we point you to this link.

Game modes

NWO will have five different game modes, varying from the 'basic' adversarial game mode (eliminate the other team), which can be played on all maps, to several modes that involve even more stealth and tactics, like the rescue mode, where the GAT have to save hostages or stolen equipment entirely in one piece to win the round.
The three other game modes we are keeping under our hat for the moment.


NWO will feature 12 different, huge maps, all with their own characteristics, entry points and challenging areas. Some examples. The level called "Sweden" is a huge Swedish town, with lots of houses with 1 or 2 floors to enter, cars to take shelter behind, crossing bridges to take position at and several narrow alleys as shortcuts. "Cargoship" is of a different nature, with the whole map existing of a large cargoboat, where there is both a large upper and connected below deck. Visibility is much hampered by the huge pieces of cargo, with enough space between them to make a stealthty approach almost anywhere on the boat. "Tunnel" is a claustrofobic experience where the two teams battle it out in a dark huge s-shaped traffic tunnel, with cars and trucks to take shelter behind in both connected tunnel segments. On top of this there is a separate maintenance tunnel which allows for sneaky attacks from an unexpected direction. "GAT Headquarters" takes place in a huge building with countless rooms and several floors, but also includes dozens of streets around the building where the player can even enter the sewer system to pop up unexpectedly behind enemy lines. Eight more levels complete a unique and great line-up for everlasting gameplay as there are so many ways and routes to reach the objectives in each level. Elaborate and clear missionbriefings and in-game voice commands will make the game scaringly realistic.

A MOD-editor will be included, so expect a lot of extra maps and skins in no time after the release.

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