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'Universal Studios Theme Park ' (GCB) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 30, 2002 @ 7:20 p.m. PST

Universal Studios Theme Park from Kemco (developed by Japanese NAI'A DIGITAL WORKS) for th GAMECUBE covers various game themes ranging from Jaws, Jurrasic Park to Backdraft and ET. Interested already? Check out these screens coz its looking good!

Game Style
"Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure" is a day set within the famous movie theme park! The hero is joined by Woody Woodpecker who shows him the famous attractions. To access them, the player may have to find special items or may decide to go on a sidequest. Favorite theme park pasttimes include the "Stamp Rally", a shopping tour, monster Make-up, DeLorean chases and the tricky Universal quiz with over 400 possible questions. The player can even raise his own dinosaur at the "Jurassic Park" incubator. And as the game develops, time changes are seen in the game. And in the evening there will be the great firework show. Everything is there – except for the crowd in front of the attractions! This game bases on blueprints of the Universal Studios theme park in Osaka (Japan).

Park Attactions Include:
• "Jurassic Park": The player rides in the jeep and has to escape the attack of various dangerous dinosaurs.
• "Back to the Future – The Ride": The player rides the DeLorean Time Machine andchases the movies villain, Biff Tannen.
• "JAWS": The player has to defeat the Great White Shark before it can sink the boat.
• "Backdraft": The player rescues people as a fireman from a burning building
• "Wild, Wild, Wild West Stunt Show": It's a shoot-out duel with skilled gunmen.
• "E. T. Adventure": A revival of the famous bike scene in the forest. Can E.T. reach the mothership in time?
• "WaterWorld": The player can witness the famous Smokers attack.

Check our previously posted screens .. click HERE

The Items
Special headgears are required to open the attractions. These are aquired through the game. The attractions in question are "Jaws" (cap), "Back To The Future (cap), "Backdraft" (helmet), "Wild, Wild, Wild West Stunt Show" (cowboy head), "Jurassic Park" (cap). The shoes have different effects: They make it possible to run faster, create vibrations, or dance well at the "Animation Celebration". With the vehicles, one can move faster (with the DeLorean 32 times faster than on foot) or reach new parts of the park that can not be accessed by foot.

The Attractions

Back To The Future – The Ride (1 player)
Riding in the De Lorean and flying at a break neck speed, a player aims to reach a goal while avoiding the various obstacles. And of course, there are time warp zones!

Jurassic Park – The Ride (2 players)
A player tries to escape from the serious attacks from TRex, Pteranodon and other dinosaurs. You ride in the jeep and by using the guns you try to defeat the dinos.

Backdraft (1 player)
The player rescues the people left in the burning building as a fireman fighting the fire.

E.T. Adventure (1 player)
Flying with his bicycle, a player will lead E. T. to themothership. Can he make it in time?

JAWS (2 players)
A player will be on the ship and has to protect it from the attack by Jaws. Who fails finds himself sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Wild, Wild, Wild West Stunt Show (1 player)
A player competes in a fierce shout-out with five gunmen.

Events support the process of the game. The player has to find special items, participate in a Hoover Board race, go shopping for Woody, find the letters included in "Universal Studios Japan" and breed his very own dinosaur. With the key for "Doc Browns Science Service" trailer parking in front of the BTTF attraction, he can access the DeLorean! With this car, two further mini games (balloon crashing and time race against a flash) are available.

Breed Your Own Dinosaur
When the player scores a new high score in the "Jurassic Park Ride", he will receive a dinosaur egg. This egg can be bred in the incubator at the Jurassic Park attraction. When the little dino hatches, the player has to take care of his health and enviornment temperature. The full-grown dinosaur will present a gift to express its thanks. There are 4 kinds of dinosaurs: T-Rex, Triceratops, Brachinosaurus, and Stegosaurus.

Time Changes Everything
Once a player gets a stamp in the "Stamp Rally", "Time” in the game gains one hour. The game begins at 10 o’clock in the morning and it ends 6 o’clock in the evening, when a player gets 8 stamps. With the progress of "Time” in the game, the atmosphere of USJ will be changing from morning, day time, evening and night. After the last stamp is collected, the player can access the great final, the "Hollywood Magic" fireworks.

The Universal Studios Quiz
The player has to attend a quiz, where he will be asked some of over 400 different questions related to the park attractions and Universal movies and TV series, like the "Back To The Future" series, "E. T.", "Waterworld" or "Backdraft". A big set questions has been especially prepared for Western audience and are not included in the Japanese version of the game. Do you remember "Dracula", "The Sting", or "Columbo"?

Game Hints

  • The player should talk to every person in the park. Some have hints, others need help. One visitor may provide the help that you need when you find yourself stuck.
  • If there is something in a tree, maybe it can be shaken out with a little "earthquake"?
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