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'CAR TYCOON' Now In Stores - Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 4, 2002 @ 8:26 p.m. PST

Fishtank Interactive, a division of Ravensburger Interactive Media, announced today that "Car Tycoon," their unique simulation game for the PC, is now available in retail stores. The first of its kind, this automobile business simulation allows players to design a winning business strategy and conquer the automobile industry.

"With 'Car Tycoon,' aspiring automobile magnates can delve into the intricacies of the car industry to develop, produce, and market their own vehicles." said Jerry Wolosenko, head of Fishtank Interactive activities in North America. "True-to-life challenges like fickle consumer tastes, cut-throat competitors, ever-changing technology and economic conditions keep players on the edge of their seats."

About "Car Tycoon"
"Car Tycoon" combines both creativity and business strategy in a vibrant simulation game about the automobile manufacturing industry. To become a Car Tycoon, the player must successfully manage an automobile company, racing head-to-head against rival corporations. The game takes place over a 50-year period beginning in the 1950s, when large, flamboyant cars ruled the road and car owners' personalities were clearly reflected in the cars they chose. Development, design, production, distribution and marketing become critically important as the budding tycoon tries to please the public and expand the company.

Features for "Car Tycoon" include:

  • Simulation of a vibrant, exciting automobile manufacturing empire in an evolving world based on a sophisticated industry simulation.
  • Opportunity to formulate new model manufacturing, distribution and marketing strategies.
  • Ability to construct manufacturing plants, finance growth, and sell cars while battling the competition.
  • Ability to create cars and trucks from among 96 different models.
  • Over 300 cars and more than 250 different buildings in an active, animated environment.
  • Over 20 challenging game scenarios based on economic and business factors from the 1950s through the new century.

More information about the game is available HERE.

About Fishtank Interactive
Fishtank Interactive is a worldwide publisher of PC and console based interactive games with offices in Munich and Ravensburg, Germany; Boston and Newton, New Hampshire USA and Paris, France. The company works with some of the most innovative and experienced game developers in Europe while expanding its development and publishing resources in North America. Fishtank Interactive is a trademark of Ravensburger Interactive Media, GmbH a wholly owned subsidiary of Ravensburger AG, Germany's largest manufacturer of puzzles and board games.

About Vectorcom Development
Vectorcom Development, located in Hanover, is one of Germany's most promising new game development companies.

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