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CrashDay - Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 1, 2002 @ 7:49 p.m. PDT

"Crashday puts the player in a world of stunts, dents and adrenalin. His task is to scrap his vehicle with breathtaking stunts or to wreck cars in aggressive street races, showing his opponents that they made a fatal mistake in choosing him as their enemy. The battle setting place in maps partly created by the player is sponsored by a crazy video shop owner who sells new vehicles, weapons and other upgrades from time to time." Today we scored a destructive kind of trailer showing off what the game is and will be all about. Read more for links where to grab it (thanks EvilAvatar).

Get the High Res. Crashday trailer off Worthplaying (2min20/23mb/wmv)

Get the Med. Res. Crashday trailer off Worthplaying (2min20/11mb/wmv)

Get the Crashday trailer off the official page (2min20/38mb/avi)

General Features

  • stunt racing game with realistic stunt physics
  • absolute freedom of movement
  • 12 different, varied cars
  • tuning kits & weapons available
    physical/optical car damage (real-time)
  • 5 opponents with 3 traits of character
  • powerful track editor
  • replay
  • German street atmosphere
  • 3 game types:
    • single mode
    • career mode
    • multiplayer (LAN and maybe internet)

Game Modes

  • stunt mode: points for stunts, jump, roll overs, flips, spins etc.
  • wrecking mode: wreck your opponents before you get wrecked
  • checkpoint mode: race through the track as first
  • deathmatch: the endless circle of life and death :) (multiplayer mode)
  • secret mode: ???

Graphics Features

  • Moon Byte's PropsFXEngine (DirectX)
  • Different settings for varying moods
  • Detailed, photographed textures
  • 3D objects built after German street objects
  • Vehicles with realistic environment maps
  • Haze, corona and lens flare effects
  • Particle effects for sparks, explosions, smoke or parts that fly around

Update Possibilities

  • unlimited number of maps through the complex track editor
  • (track files will only be up to 300K in size, e.g. useful for uploads of own custom maps)
  • new setting files installable
  • create own cars (by SDK)
  • create own track objects
  • (e.g. jumpscetc.) (by SDK)
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