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Galactic Civilizations - New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 10, 2002 @ 7:28 p.m. PDT

Today’s goodies are courtesy of Stardock and Strategy First. Next at bat and on deck (yes yes, i like baseball) are 10 never before seen, brand new, smoking hot screenshots for the upcoming strategy title, Galactic Civilizations. Njoy!

Galactic Civilizations is a remake of the popular 1994 32bit OS/2 game of the same name. It became one of the best selling consumer products on the OS/2 platform and won several gaming accolades, including ‘Game of the Year’ from the Internet PC Games World Charts, beating Doom, Masters of Orion and even Descent for most highly recommended game.

Galactic Civilizations is a strategy game set in space at the dawn of the 23rd century, where you become the leader of the human civilization. Players can use military, technological, economic or political might to become a major power in the galaxy and must also research new technologies, colonize and defend planets, construct Space Stations, initiate social improvements, build a fleet, fight wars, win elections and gain influence in the United Planets Security council.

The game is won when all the races become united in a galactic alliance, someone researches technology that takes them beyond mortality or one civilization conquers the opposition with their military might.

Galactic Civilizations will be released in February 2003 and will be exclusively distributed by Infogrames in North America.


  • Multiple, balanced paths to victory - Achieve victory using military strength, economic might, or political power.
  • Immersive story line - Playing as the leader of humanity, your heritage depends on your ability to lead the human race and become one of the principal species of the universe.
  • The Metaverse - Gamers who use to play will be part of the "Metaverse", where victories, defeats and campaigns can be recorded, allowing players to share their gaming experience.
  • Replayability - The game is readily playable by casual gamers and includes a powerful and sophisticated AI and game mechanics that make each gaming experience different and highly addictive.
  • Video and Sound - The game features state of the art sound subsystems and video resolutions of 1024x768 with over 16 million colors.

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