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Silent Hill 2 (PC) - Movie

by Rainier on Oct. 15, 2002 @ 4:31 a.m. PDT

Konami of America has just released a new trailer for their PC debut of Silent Hill 2, one of the most terrifying videogames ever released. Offering players a glimpse into the many improvements made for the PC CD-ROM version, this chilling preview will have horror fans excited to make their first foray into the mysterious town Silent Hill. Read more for links where to grab the goods (in the udual high and medium resolutions)!

Get the high res. Silent Hill 2 trailer off Worthplaying (1min23/4mb)

Get the med.res Silent Hill 2 trailer off Worthplaying (1min23/3mb)

In Silent Hill 2 (PC), players assume the role of James, an "everyman" Protagonist who receives a cryptic letter from his wife beckoning him to meet her in Silent Hill, a place that holds great meaning for the couple. What could normally be a comforting, even romantic letter, scares and confuses james - his wife has been dead for three years. The mystery of the letter compels him to return to the surreal horror and all-to-real danger in Silent Hill.

Set im dense fog and haunting darkness accompagnied by dramatic music in Dolby Surround sound, Silent Hill 2 (PC) pushes the boundaries of macabre horror. Advanced technological and original designs allow for such features as intense visual expressions of the characters, eerie weather conditions and dramatic gore making the game an extremely frightening. Players face over 10 types of enemies and have access to a variety of shooting and striking weapons, including the pistol and steel pipe found in previous (console) editions.

  • Includes the "Born From a Wish" scenario found in Silent Hill 2: Restless dreams for Xbox.
  • Unprecedented graphics and eerie music define the macabre horror genre of games
  • It is the franchise's first appereance on PC
  • Dolby 5.1 Surround sound
  • New save game system allows the player to save their game at any time
  • High-resolution graphics only possible on PC including up to 1600x1200 resolution
  • Bonus chainsaw weapon immediatly available at lower difficulty levels
  • Unlock cutscene movies and play them back at any time in the "Movies Menu"
  • New "Hot Keys" including Reload, Health and Weapon keys that allow the player to use inventory items directly without going to the inventory screen
  • "Controls Menu" allows the player to bind any function to any key or gamepad button
  • All gamepads are supported, including digital pads and analog sticks.
  • "QuickSave" and "QuickLoad" keys allows the player to save their game without going to the Save Game Menu
  • Includes special sneak preview trailers of Silent Hill 3
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