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'Davis Cup Tennis' (GBA) Ships To Stores - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 15, 2002 @ 8:12 p.m. PDT

Ubi Soft Entertainment today announced that it has shipped Davis Cup Tennis for the Game Boy Advance to U.S. retail stores. Davis Cup Tennis is an easy-to-pick-up, arcade-style tennis game that recreates the thrill of tennis on the Game Boy Advance. Featuring more than 140 teams to choose from, realistic court surfaces, and players that grow in skill as you play, Davis Cup Tennis recreates the full experience of competing in one of Tennis' most prestigious tournaments. Davis Cup Tennis is rated "E" for everyone and has an MSRP of $29.99.

"Davis Cup Tennis is the most comprehensive tennis game around, giving you the power to be the coach, manager and player at the same time," said Corey Fong, brand manager for Ubi Soft Entertainment. "No other handheld game comes close to recreating the true feel of tennis. From building your skills, to the different court surfaces and how they affect the ball, tennis fans everywhere will love the way Davis Cup Tennis realistically presents the game of tennis."

About The Davis Cup

With more than 100 years of tradition behind it, the Davis Cup is the premier team competition in tennis. The symbol of this prestigious competition is the beautiful silver Davis Cup trophy, donated by Harvard student Dwight Filley Davis in 1900. In the early years, only two nations competed for temporary ownership of the Davis Cup trophy, the United States and the British Isles. In 2002, 142 nations have entered the competition for the honor of bringing the trophy home making the Davis Cup an institution in the tennis world and a matter of national pride for the winning team. The Davis Cup begins in February, culminating in the Davis Cup Final played in late November/early December each year.

About Davis Cup Tennis

Davis Cup Tennis is an easy-to-pick-up, arcade-style tennis game that recreates the thrill of tennis and the 2002 Davis Cup Tournament. Enter a battle among tennis legends - where only one country can claim the sport's most coveted prize of all - the Davis Cup. With over 140 nations battling to possess the Silver Trophy, the biggest war of the tennis world is now in your hands.

Davis Cup Tennis Features:

  • Tennis Dream Teams - Handpick, train, and captain your own national team of tennis all-stars from over 140 countries
  • Build Tennis Legends - Gain experience points for your players' serve, speed, return, and accuracy - then pit your best players against your friends
  • Easy-to-pick-up gameplay for both casual and hardcore gamers
  • 3 different game modes including Quick Game and Davis Cup Tournament
  • 1-4 player multiplayer via the Game Boy Advance Game LinkĀ® cable
  • Realistic court surfaces including clay, carpet, and grass, each with their own characteristics
  • Based on the official 2002 Davis Cup rules, regulations, and tournament structure
  • The only tennis game on the Game Boy Advance system endorsed by the International Tennis Federation
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