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'Robin Hood : The Legend of Sherwood' - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 15, 2002 @ 10:14 p.m. PDT

Robin Hood, a new game of tactics and action, thrusts players into an amazing and realistic medieval environment where they are hauled from the depths of Sherwood Forest to the ramparts of Nottingham Castle. A few new screens below.. njoy!

Update: Tiscali Games have posted the first video from the tactical strategy Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood, which contains 2 minutes of gameplay footage - attack style previews like brutal & close combat, pre choice action & arrow shoot and smart & knock out. It's available in two resolutions (720x540 4,5 MB and 360x270 2,5 MB) in DivX format.

Robin Hood – The Legend of Sherwood

Robin Hood – The Legend of Sherwood is a tactical strategy game that launches players back into the dense foliage of Sherwood Forest where they can take on the role of the legendary nobleman or one of his Merry Men as they battle to win back control of the King’s throne. With its stunning graphics and detailed settings, Robin Hood - The Legend of Sherwood does an impeccable job of recreating legendary locations such as Sherwood Forest and York Castle and bringing the infamous characters to life, transporting the player back to Robin’s action-packed times, wishing they could never leave.

  • Fun and dynamic gameplay allows you to complete missions with stealth tactics or hand-to-hand combat.
  • Play as Robin Hood, Little John or Maid Marian … up to 9 characters in all each with specific abilities and attributes.
  • Non-linear campaign system with over 30 different missions.
  • Mission types range from Robbery and Infiltration to Castle Attack and Ambush.
  • Spectacular isometric graphics in realistic atmospheric conditions (day, night, and fog).
  • Simple and highly intuitive interface.

Robin Hood – The Legend of Sherwood is scheduled to release on November 12, 2002 and will be distributed exclusively by Infogrames in North America.

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