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TimeSplitters 2 (GC PS2 Xb) - Character Bios

by Rainier on Oct. 16, 2002 @ 6:38 p.m. PDT

TimeSplitters 2 is the sequel to the hugely successful and critically acclaimed TimeSplitters and has been developed by Free Radical Design. TimeSplitters 2 improves on the original in every conceivable way. The game offers a more involving story mode, featuring a complex narrative set across nine different time periods, from twentieth century Siberia to the Wild West to Futuristic Neo Tokyo. Today we have some more TimeSplitters 2 character bios, part 4 in the series. This week it's the turn of the Robot Factory and Siberia.

Character Bios 4

Robot Factory

Name: R109
Sex: Male
Time period: 2310s
Appearance: Huge, titanium laced legs supplement the complex array of body mechanisms in the upper half of the creation.
Distinguishing features: The single vision strip hides the intricate viewing and targeting systems. The whirring of the gun arm raising before he shoots brings a chill to the spine of the victims.
Likes: Completing objectives with no mistakes.
Dislikes: Failure is not an option.
Weapon of choice: Homing Rocket Launcher

Name: Gretal MK2
Sex: Female
Time period: 2310s
Appearance: As surprising as it may sound, Gretal MK2 is a demure looking robot, with much more defined features and parts than R109.
Distinguishing features: The trademark hood hides the head of a ruthless killing machine and the gloves cover the itchy trigger finger.
Likes: Treating herself to a killing spree using the awesome Laser Gun.
Dislikes: Gretal MK1. Thankfully banished to the history books forever.
Weapon of choice: Laser Gun


Name: Gregor Lenko
Sex: Male
Time period: 1990s
Appearance: Top quality insulating polar fleece, jacket and trousers. Weather beaten facial features.
Distinguishing features: His dead shot aim. If you hear a whistling noise and a thud, that's the warning shot. You won't hear the second one.
Likes: The cold weather sharpens the senses and increases reaction speeds, which can only be a good thing.
Dislikes: Ice Cream. Well, you would in Siberia!
Weapon of choice: Sniper Rifle

Name: Ilsa Nadir
Sex: Female
Time period: 1990s
Appearance: Tough, rugged looking clothing designed to withstand the elements that Siberia throws up.
Distinguishing features: If you're standing in the ice cold terrain and there's melting snow around you, then you'll know that Ilsa has been near, thanks to her weapon of choice.
Likes: The smell of fuel and burning.
Dislikes: Running out of gas.
Weapon of choice: Flame Thrower


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