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'Extinction' - Developer Interview

by Rainier on Oct. 17, 2002 @ 9:46 a.m. PDT

Extinction is a Real Time Strategy Game of Adventure and Survival. The game begins with a small tribe that has simple skills and limited resources. Using a dynamic technology tree, players learn new skills and discover new technologies to help their tribe advance and survive. Explore diverse geographic regions, adapt to environmental conditions, capture new species, and try to avoid erupting volcanoes, meteor strikes and the advance of ice-age glaciers. Dinosaurs are captured and used as powerful weapons against enemy tribes. Man and dinosaur fight side by side as tribes compete for territory, resources and survival from Extinction! Read more about this quite interesting game in our interview with Jim Omer from Rival Interactive. A few exclusive screenshots are also included ..

1. Who has the honor to talk to us? State your name, rank and occupation!

Jim Omer, Extinction Lead Designer. Also, Real War and Rogue States Lead Designer.

2. Is this 4th generation 3D engine an original in-house developed graphics engine or is it licensed?

The engine is an original developed in-house graphics engine.

3. Assuming there is a limit on your technological advancement, how far will your tribes/units be able to upgrade their weapons, tools, etc…

We are hoping to be able to upgrade characters 3 levels and skills up to 10 levels.

4. How far into development is this title? When should we expect it to appear on the shelves?

We are currently in talks with several publishers. We have created a demo that shows a few dinosaurs interacting with cavemen. We see a 14-16 month development time.

5. Will there be a demo available prior to the game appearing on shelves? When?

Yes, we will know more after we finalize with a publisher what that date will be.

6. Do you have any kind of system requirements hammered out as of yet?

Pentium II 350 MHz or equivalent
16x CDROM or faster.
64 MB of RAM.
16 MB or greater Direct 3D Compatible Video Card.

7. Will there be a multiplayer aspect to this game? What sort of single player/multiplayer game modes are you planning?

Extinction will be a single player game with adventure/campaign mode and a tribe against tribe mode (skirmish).

8. Will you be limited to ground units only? Or is there the possibility of Sea and Air?

We don’t want to give away too much, but yes, we are planning on incorporating Pterodactyls, and giant sea dwelling dinosaurs.

9. What are the resources you are required to collect?

Tribes will have to collect Food, Wood, Bone, and Rope.

10. Will there be a unit limit in respect to how many units you can select at a time?

We want the player to be able to select all of his units at the same time so we are looking for around 40 total including any tribe owned dinosaurs.

11. Will there be an editor included in the game, so people can create their own maps?

This decision will probably be up to the publisher. We hope to have some type of map editor included in the release.

12. Will you have to manually adapt your tribe to the ever changing surroundings or will they automatically adapt?

The player will have to help their tribe adapt to the changing surroundings. This is a feature of the game we feel is important. As winter approaches, hopefully your tribe has thought ahead and stocked up on food and other necessities

13. I am assuming there will be indigenous wildlife inhabiting each board; will you have to battle them as well as the other tribes?

Yes, your tribe needs to be aware of random roaming dinosaurs and other animals; you never know what animals will attack your tribe.

14. “Steal Dinosaurs eggs” Mommy and Daddy will not be happy; will they chase you if you’re seen?

Oh yes. Only your fastest tribesmen should attempt stealing dinosaur eggs.

15. What will be the story behind the Single Player missions?

A startling discovery has been made at a remote archeological dig in Northern Africa. Hundreds of human and dinosaur fossils dating back millions of years have been found at the same location. This amazing new discovery suggests – that primitive caveman and dinosaurs may have coexisted. The fossil records suggest two distinct tribes of cavemen during this time period. One tribe had a heavy skeletal structure, which speculates that their physique was quite sturdy. The other tribe had a larger cranial cross-section, indicating superior intelligence. Astonished, scientists immediately began to speculate…

How did humans and dinosaurs live together on Earth?

Which tribe prevailed? Did the strong and sturdy preside or did intelligence reign?

How did these tribes compete for food and territory amongst each other and the threat of the monstrous dinosaurs?

Were there different classes of primitive cavemen?

Extinction reveals the answers to these questions as players are thrust into an exciting New World where scientific facts and theories come together in an amazing adventure.

16. Will there be any physical differences between each tribe? For example will the intelligent side be thin a frail while the Strength side will be large and muscular.

Yes, we are also focusing on facial animations to give the cavemen unique characteristics.

17. What will the buildings be like?

Extinction will utilize primitive huts and caves.

18. How many different type of units are you planning to have for each side? i.e. fighters, archers, etc

There will be 4 types of cavemen: warrior, hunter, healer, and dinosaur keeper.

19. Will your dinosaur pets always obey you, or is there a chance they will turn and attack you?

The player must feed and properly take care of their dinosaurs or they will attack you.

20. Will it be necessary to constantly steal dinosaur eggs or can you grab a male and female and have them produce eggs for you?

If you successfully steal a male and female dinosaur, yes you can reproduce your own dinosaurs, but be careful, other tribes may be watching you with envy.

21. How are you planning to implement the natural disasters? Will they be random? And will you immediately feel the effects or will it take a while for the entire disaster to run its course? For example a meteor strike, will the temperature gradually start to drop giving you time to prepare?

Some natural disasters will be random and some will be hinted at in scenarios. Some scenarios may require you to gradually feel the effects of a natural disaster and will give you time to prepare and/or relocate.

22. Will there be multiple levels or is just one big world?

There will be multiple levels in Extinction existing in one big world in which the player can choose what path they want to follow.

23. Besides have the dinosaurs fight by your side, can you ride them?

Dinosaurs can be captured and trained to fight for your tribe. Some dinosaurs can be very helpful in performing day-to-day tasks around the tribe.

24. To further your tribe will it be totally dependent on the mating of your male and female units?

Once you send a male and female caveman into a ‘love hut’ then that hut will produce offspring at a rate set by the couples combined fertility rate.

25. How long will it take for a new unit to be born and mature? Also will they continue to age till the die of natural causes?

The rate at which new cavemen are born depends on the fertility of the couple you chose to mate. Cavemen will start as teenagers then mature into adults and finally into tribe elders. Cavemen can die of natural causes, but players will be able to notice by the rate at which elders regain their health and stamina. The older they are the slower they regain health and stamina after battles.

26. Will you be able to capture another tribes unit and gain their advantages?

Players can capture dinosaurs from other tribes and retrain them to serve your tribe, however you will not be able to capture other tribesmen from the enemy.

27. Will there be any kind of ranking system for your units? For example will there be a leader unit the rest of the tribe looks up to.

There will be one tribe leader who will be the keeper of all tribal knowledge. This tribe leader must be protected at all costs.

28. Thank you for taking the time to answer our annoying questions!

You are more than welcome...

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