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'Serious Sam' (Xbox) Seriously Goes Gold

by Rainier on Oct. 18, 2002 @ 9:40 p.m. PDT

Croteam's web site has been updated with the announcement that the Xbox port of Serious Sam has gone gold. The wait is now over. At least for the US version. The US Xbox version of Serious Sam is officially approved and it is going into gold mastering. European version still needs to go over the approval.

For those familiar with both Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter I am certain that they will love this Xbox version named Serious Sam (like it was planned for the PC way back in mid 90's). For those unfamiliar, even better. There are many improvements and tweaks added to suite the Xbox console like easy navigation on Xbox controller, auto-aiming (sounds odd but plays great), multikills, bonuses, lives, improved graphics and models on enemies, weepons, new music, much faster loading times, and a lot more. What you ask? What about...

... those cutsequences, you ask?

Hehe, the cutsequences. Things you saw in promo movies are merely the beginning of a mayhem! Our evil Croatian minds came up with ideas that sounded so bizzare and funny that we HAD to do them! In short, new cutsequences will explain everything. We promise that you'll laugh. A lot. As I am still :))

What happened to Sam?!

Our man Sam has undergone some facial and body lifting to fit the superhero action style intended for the consoles. The main model animations are all motion captured now, but we still managed to keep that 'cartoony' look that is sort of our trademark (Serious Cartoony Look (tm) ). Our personal opinions vary from 'great' to 'awesome' which is not that much of a variation. But remember that our 'penguin' english doesn't allow us to express more complicated emotions :) ). We hope that you will like the new Sam as much as you liked the old one. I am reffering to that first Sam from Serious Sam Test 1, also called here the Shaky Sam.

36 levels?!?! No way!!!

Yes way! Although, we had to split some of the levels from SS:FE and SS:SE because of 64MB memory limit the Xbox has. But, to our surprise, altohugh the levels are now smaller, but they are also more dynamic, they load fast and run very smooth. We also fixed all framerate issues (all those reviewers and previewers with Alpha versions should check the final release). You'll also get some brand new deathmatch levels which are incredibly fun to play. And have names that even some of us don't understand. You can have up to 8 players playing on Xbox system link with up to 4 players on split screen. To cut the calculation short, any combination is possible, as long max. 8 players are playing.

What about coop?

First of all, we implemented new network code and it works and plays much better. Finally no more sync problems.

Also, no more unlimited dying and respawning. Player could actually jam the fire button on controller with a piece of sticky tape and go out for a cup of 486pack and he'd still finish the level. But this sort of thing is ancient history now. Coop mode has become even more challenging and attractive, and I am sure you'll all enjoy it. You can play with your friend on one Xbox (2 player split screen) or there can be 4 of you via system link (2 players split screen on each xbox, 2 xbox in total --> 2*2=4). Again that calculation.

The box?

Aaaaah, the box. I see you all just love the new box, so I guess there's nothing much to say abot this topic... Just that this box was publisher's decision. We did have our own design, but it wasn't approved. Apparently, there was too much violence. But, you didn't hear it from me.

And sound?

All you freaks with Dolby Digital at home will enjoy the new Sam. 5.1 surround works great and sounds great. In addition to sound engine changes, there are more than 20 new musical pieces inside. Each of our 36 levels now has it's own music, and the cutsequences simply sound excellent!

Anything else? Network patch?

Well, I know Serious Community is waiting for the network patch. Some more good news here as well. Ummm, no, I'll leave that for the next update coming next week.

What about the party?

Yes, you are right.

And now something completely different. THE party.

So, we are now going to party...


Party is over. OK guys, let's continue the work on Serious Sam 2.

Mr. Magenta III

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