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The Cube Traveller - Info & Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 19, 2002 @ 4:03 a.m. PDT

The Cube Traveller is the answer to every Nintendo GameCube owners' dreams. It is a carry bag which not only houses everything the gamer needs to take the GameCube on the move, but also acts as a platform to allow in-car gaming when used in conjunction with the 4Gamers 5.6 inch LCD Game Screen (SPC601).
The Cube Traveller comfortably houses the Nintendo GameCube console with screen attached and has compartments for two controllers, four games, two memory cards and 4Gamers' 'Power Base' rechargeable battery pack (SPC606), giving up to two hours gaming on the move. Handy straps allow the Cube Traveller to be hung from the head rests for in-car use, while the screen's cigarette lighter adapter powers both the screen and console. The cigarette lighter adapter can also be used to recharge the 4Gamers Power Base.

Featuring padding for extra protection in transit and air vents to allow the GameCube console to 'breathe', the Cube Traveller can be used to permanently house and protect your GameCube and 4Gamers accessories. In the living room, in the bedroom, in the car or anywhere you like, the Cube Traveller effectively turns your GameCube into the world's best portable gaming console when used in conjunction with the 4Gamers 5.6 inch LCD Game Screen and 4Gamers Power Base.


  • Gaming station for mobile gaming with the Nintendo GameCube console.
  • Padded case for maximum protection.
  • Stores GameCube console with compartments for all accessories, including: Power Base, 5.6 inch LCD Game Screen, in-car adapter, power leads, 2 x controllers, 4 x games disks, 2 x memory cards.

The Cube Traveller is available from November 2002 and has an RRP of only £14.99

Take GameCube gaming on the move with the Cube Traveller from 4Gamers.

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