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Divine Divinity - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 2, 2002 @ 4:06 a.m. PDT

Larian has just put up the second patch (names Hotfix Nr2) on the official Divine Divinity websitel updating all English versions of Larian Studios' RPG (including the U.S. version) to v1.32. This patch addresses a few bugs and tweaks. Read more for detailed fix list and links where to grab this puppy. (thanks bluesnews).

Download the Divine Divinity HotFix2 (v1.32) off worthplaying (3.5mb)

Download the Divine Divinity HotFix2 (v1.32) off the official website (3.5mb)

The following issues are addressed by this hotfix:

Feature changes

Quicksaves now alternate between 1 and the MaxQuickSaveAmount setting in config.lcl which by default is at 2 but which can be increased to any number if you want a number of sequential quicksaves. To increase the setting – open the file config.lcl in the folder where you installed Divine Divinity, and add the line MaxQuickSaveAmount # with # being the maximum amount of quicksaves you want.
Boss monsters and monsters have become easier on the “easy level”. Damage done by boss monsters on normal level has been reduced a bit.
Included several optimizations that make the game more responsive
Added error logging in error.txt file
Switched from jpg to png for screenshots
Prevent quicksaving when you are dead
Game gives warning when color depth is not 16 bit since this seems to cause a lot of problems on some systems.
Saving now first happens to a temporary folder and only when it is completely successful does it remove the previous savegame that is being overwritten (if there is one)


Range clipping on sight boosts is now done correctly, preventing the loss of sight on multiple loads
Fixed animation bug which might cause the game to crash if you saved and then loaded while standing still with a bow.
Fixed bug which would cause game to crash if a leaving script that was being executed and that got saved got loaded again (very rare)
Prevented saving while teleportation is busy because it lead to lock ups
Finigan’s lockpick problem solved
Added plausibility checks and fixes for corrupt dialog log due to version mismatches
Solved nasty polymorph recursion bug

Bugfixes which were already present in Hotfix nr 1 (V1.31)

Internationalized game so that the same executable patches work on different language versions from now on. (There is still a difference between Unicode and non Unicode versions however)
Fixed bug which would cause negative resistances if you unequipped an item which gave you a boost to magical barrier without actually having learnt the skill.
Fixed bug where you would consistently get increasing resistances if you learned the resist magic skill and saved/load all the time, eventually leading up to corruption.
Autofix for corrupted resistances.
Fixed bug which would cause a crash when highlighting a npc at the moment you get teleported.
Font fixes for French letters
Fixed bug which would cause the game to crash if a leadershipped creature would fight at a certain distance from the player.
Fixed bug which could cause occasional crashes when loading partymembers
Got rid of bug which would case maps not to switch when a partymember was occupied.
Partymembers now defend themselves and they do not clear the shroud anymore.
Rare problem leading up to crashes during mapswitches is now solved
Fixed memory leak in scrying scenes
Solved “Verdistis” slowdown problem

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