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Sammy Studios Announces 'Galerians: Ash' (PS2) - Screens & Facts

by Rainier on Oct. 22, 2002 @ 7:26 p.m. PDT

Sammy Studios today announced that Galerians: ASH, the sequel to the “survival horror” classic Galerians, is coming to PS2 in Q1 2003. Galerians redefined quest-driven thriller games, with innovative play and psychic-induced weaponry, and a textured storyline that masterfully blended horror and science fiction genres. Galerians: ASH continues the tradition, using the power of the PS2 to fully immerse players into a frightening future-world, where an epic struggle between artificial and organic intelligence is being waged. With incredible 3D graphics, dynamic cinematic sequences and intense, heart-thumping gameplay, this title takes the Galerians series into the next chapter, with new story twists and heavy concepts from a world where mind and matter have melded.

“Galerians had a big effect on fans of horror and sci-fi games when it debuted on the PlayStation and the series has since enjoyed a solid following in Japan with new installments,” said John Rowe, president of Sammy Studios, Inc. “Galerians: ASH now brings a new chapter to North American game players. With its visually stunning 3D environments, frightening and original premise and the series’ signature psychokinetic weapons and psychic abilities, this title will be a treat for all gamers who enjoy quest-driven, edge-of-your-seat thrillers.”

Galerians: ASH promises to play on gameplayers’ psyche, combining thought-inducing puzzles with pulse-quickening action sequences, and delivering intense concepts taken from a truly original premise. The sequel begins with the final chapter of the first game, with the series’ hero Rion discovering that he himself is one of the Galerians rendered by the megalomaniacal and genocidal Mother Computer Dorothy. Undaunted, Rion destroys Dorothy, but not before she manages to execute one last catastrophic program, unleashing a new crew of evil Galerians to fulfill her goal of human annihilation. Galerians: ASH puts gamers back into this twisted world, putting them back into the role of Rion to fight these Last Galerians and their uber-evil leader, ASH, and save the future of organic life on Earth.

Galerians: ASH brings back the series’ trademark arsenal of psychic attacks and abilities, and includes all-new psychic powers and an updated portfolio of pharmaceutical neural-enhancers. The game will feature characters from the original game, including Rion and his human counterpart, Lilia, along with the new formidable and frighteningly memorable Last Galerians. Stages will include entirely new areas, as well as a few settings recognizable to fans of the series from Michaelangelo City, with huge, gorgeous environments in full 3D.

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