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Got Game Ent. To Publish 'Time Guard' - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 22, 2002 @ 7:30 p.m. PDT

Got Game Entertainment and Zima Software today announced a North American publishing agreement for "Time Guard", a PC adventure game that takes the player on an exciting journey through time, from 18th century France to the future and a re-united communist New Soviet Union. Njoy the 10 new screens ...

Through the dynamic powers of a time machine, the game's hero, private investigator, Pankrac, visits each of several time periods that comprise the world of the game. Every era is accurately and vividly represented via visual appearance and the other game characters.

Pankrac's adventure begins when Russian scientist Santusov requests the investigator's help when Santusov learns that the Russian Intelligence Service has its own dark ambitions for his time travel invention. When Pankrac travels to the future to verify whether Santusov's dire predictions have come true, he finds the world again in hands of an expanding Russia. As Pankrac prepares to return to present time, the machine malfunctions and he is trapped in the future. Now, our hero must search the ages to find Santusov, the only person who can repair the time machine.

Along with Pankrac, the story is also freely linked to the other game characters. The developers paid particular attention to character appearance and behavior, and the dialogues in the game will prove very important, encouraging players to think and solve logical problems and puzzles. Moreover, the supporting characters respond to Pankrac's actions differently. Some help our hero willingly, and some unwillingly, while others may mislead him or want something in exchange.

"Got Game is very pleased to not only bring another adventure game to market," said Got Game president, Howard Horowitz, "but to bring to market what we believe is a smart, fun, and ultimately classic adventure game."

"Time Guard" is scheduled to ship Q1 2003. For more information on "Time Guard" visit the official website

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