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'Akella' Goes 'Postal'

by Rainier on Oct. 3, 2002 @ 11:20 p.m. PDT

A mere twelve years after The Cold War officially ended, the most ruthless videogame developer to survive the standstill, Running With Scissors, proudly announced that POSTAL 2 will be published in Russia by Akella.

"Now, Red Square has real meaning," claimed vodka-inflamed Vince Desi, CEO of RWS. "The Postal Dude will be Russia's new favorite folk hero. I even heard a rumor that the Dude might take that Lance guy's place up on the International Space Station... Cosmonaut Dude - I love it!" wept the patriotic Desi.

"Yo, now it happens," said Vladimir Koudr, Vice President of Marketing for Akella Corporation. "Akella will work together with RWS to bring POSTAL 2 to Russian most hardcore gamers. Keep hurry guys and be prepared for to spend a lot of hours to be out of the reality with this great game in Russian. No questions, this game is one of most awaited by Russian hardcore gamers. They are anxious to Go Postal!"

Akella, one of Russia's eldest producers of videogames, was founded in 1993 as an association of firms devoted to develop, publish, and sell PC games. Akella's currently responsible for the development, "localization" and distribution of over 50 unique game titles, and will facilitate the localization of POSTAL 2 into Russian.

Desi, who remained tightlipped about other licensing deals to follow on the heels of this major market coup for Running With Scissors, would only grin when he added, "Whether you'd call this Russo-American deal 'D├ętente' or 'Dementia' that guy with the ink stain on his head is going to want to move to Cuba now that the Postal Dude has teamed-up with the real power in Russia!"

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