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'War and Peace' - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 7, 2002 @ 11:25 p.m. PDT

War and Peace is a revolutionary game in the RTS genre. For the first time, players will really be in charge of the entire strategy of their nations: politics, economy, diplomacy, army, tactics, etc. On a unique, full 3D map of the entire world, you'll be able to take full commands of your nationn a true historical context. You will discover and enjoy the experience of being a major statesman at the dawn of the fascinating 19th century! Check the new screens ...

Unique Strategic Dimension!

  • Unique single 3D map of the entire world
  • 179 cities are modeled
  • Lead thousands of soldiers to battle!
  • 6 major playable nations from the beginning of the 19th century to choose from. Each with their own dedicated units, troops, generals, and cities
  • Manage highly advanced tactics
  • Manage your country's policies Each choice made will impact your country's economy and state
  • Create your armies with various troops: infantry, cavalry, artillery, ships, special units that will help maximize your efficiency

Real historical context!

  • Real historical context: locations and authentic characters are represented
  • Learn to mix politics, economy and diplomacy in your strategy!
  • Play as you like: set your own victory conditions
  • Win by all means necessary! : you can try to win through good relationships with your opponents and allies. But you can also use spies to wage secret wars. All of your actions will influence your relations with other nations!
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