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The Gladiators: Galactic Circus - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 8, 2002 @ 5:32 a.m. PDT

It's the 1970's, and the American military is working on an top-secret new space shuttle project which goal is to study the "black hole" phenomenon recently discovered by western scientists.As the shuttle's construction is coming to an end, the mission is entrusted to Officer Greg D. Callahan, a former US Marines major.The shuttle is launched under heavy secrecy towards an asteroid field where a physical phenomenon resembling that of the famous "black holes" has been detected.As the mission is approaching the asteroid field, the NASA loses all contact with the crew and receives no further signal from the shuttle. It is as if the spacecraft has vanished into deep space. Read more for links where to get the demo ... (Thanks Gamershell)

Download The Gladiator demo off Worthplaying (92mb)

Download The Gladiator demo off 3DGamers (92mb)

Download The Gladiator demo off Gamershell (92mb)

The leap into another dimension During its approach of the asteroid field, all of the vessel's controls jams and the crew finds itself propelled into a high-amplitude magnetic field which renders them all instantaneously unconscious. Upon awaking, they realise that the shuttle is in a fairly good condition, but their navigation reference points are lost.

They are suddenly awestruck to find themselves in an uncharted star system. As they recover, their onboard devices report the presence of a large unidentified object heading towards them at a great speed.

The Gameplay

  • Immediate feel for the game.
  • Interface as intuitive as a console game's.
  • Resource management and unit construction simple and effective to enhance the arcade aspect.
  • Power ups, and gladiator special aptitudes to combine for devastating combos.
  • Realistic tactical skills of the units.

A powerful home brewed engine for limitless gaming experience

  • Maximum interaction : fully interactive use (hide, climb on…) and destruction of the scenery, terrain, vegetation and buildings.
  • Real-time ray-traced line of sight for every unit giving the ability to set ambushes and infiltrate enemy bases.
  • More than 20 maps in various environments ranging from arctic ice fields to desert canyons.
  • Enhanced vision with zoom and 360° rotations.

A ground breaking multi-player concept

  • Up to 16 players over LAN and Internet.
  • Blitz games (less than 30 minutes) based on pure action and tactical skills.
  • Deathmatch mode allowing to enter a game already running
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