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Phantom Crash (Xbox) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 8, 2002 @ 10:02 p.m. PDT

The year is 2025, and the Japanese government, in order to cope with the massive air pollution and Tokyo's massive economic losses, transfers the capital to "Neo Tokyo," a dome city built on the Tokyo Harbor. Abandoned "Old Tokyo" becomes the battleground for "Rumbling," a popular new sport. In Rumbling, contenders face each other while riding highly mobile armored land vehicles called "Scoobees," and receive fortune and fame by destroying others. 10 new mech filled screens!

Game Features:

  • Virtually unlimited possibilities for gamers to customize their mechs to fit their playing style. Multiple options are available in:
    • Weapons(over 65)
    • Armor and body parts (over 150)
    • Decals (over 200)
    • Paint schemes/Camouflage (over 50)
    • Speed (determined by the mech configuration chosen)
    • Animal powers/combat enhancers (16)
  • RPG elements including rich story mode and customization
  • Fast-action gameplay and highly customizable Scoobees offer extreme mech combat
  • A unique cloaking feature that allows players to blend with their environment, sneak past enemies and avoid deadly tracking weapons
  • A balanced weapons and parts system, where no mech is more powerful than another. Fighting style is the key to success in the game.
  • Two multi-player modes: tournament and VS
  • A selection of over 70 songs gamers can program to listen to while playing
  • Japanese-style action, environments and gameplay

Number of Players:

- Single player
- Multiplayer, 2 to 4 head-to-head (split screen)

Check the official Phantom Crash website

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