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Blitzkrieg - Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 9, 2002 @ 10:32 a.m. PDT

Blitzkrieg is an exciting real-time strategy game set in World War II. Similar to Sudden Strike, this game allows the player to command Allied, Russian or German troops. However, it also provides entirely new tactical opportunities thanks to its 3D terrain and units. A random mission generator and extensive multiplayer features guarantee long-lasting enjoyment even after completing the 3 great campaigns. Historically more accurate than Sudden Strike and with a large number of new units and adaptable difficulty levels, Blitzkrieg is all a wargamer's heart desires. Today we score a trailer showing off some in game action and cutscenes, read more for links!

Get the High Res. Blitzkreig trailer off Worthplaying (18mb/1min41/wmv)

Get the Med Res. Blitzkreig trailer off Worthplaying (7mb/1min41/wmv)


  • Historically accurate battles set in different seasons and weather conditions: rain, mist or snow
  • More than 150 types of vehicles and machinery
  • More than 40 kinds of infantry on every side
  • More than 250 types of buildings and objects
  • Three military campaigns spanning from 1939 to 1945
  • Huge units (trains, coastal artillery)
  • Armies of the French, Italians, Poles, etc.
  • All objects in the game are completely destructible
  • A 3D engine that makes the most of the latest graphics card features
  • 3D vehicles and interactive landscapes (terrain)
  • The ability to build bridges, dig trenches, lay mines, call for air support and auxiliaries
  • A scenario editor which allows you to design your own missions, add your own maps, textures, models or sounds to the game
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