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'Ace of Angels' - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 10, 2002 @ 6:02 a.m. PST

Flying Rock Enterprises have updated the official Ace of Angels website with a beta report detailing a their latest beta stress test that took place over the weekend. They talk about what components seemed to work well, which components are still a bit buggy and how the overall game is shaping up. Flying Rock also send us some new screens for their dynamic Massively Multiplayer Space Combat Game.

Check the Official "Ace Of Angels" Web Site

Ace of Angels is a fast-paced 3D space fighter simulation that thrusts players into the heart of the Ace of Angels Massively Multiplayer Online Universe, where they can face-off against other players in tactical combat. Players can build their own bases, band together in squadrons, fly missions for credits, and compete against other squadrons to control territory, defend their homeland and amass credits. The game is set in the early 26th Century within The Known Sphere - an area that spans approximately a quarter of the Milky Way. The Known Sphere is home to 8 races and ten separate nations, each with its own culture and military philosophy. Players will create unique characters in The Campaign and can then band together in squadrons to complete a variety of missions. The outcome of each battle will directly impact the direction of the game's overall story arc. Ace of Angels features continuous combat areas, populated with interactive elements and environmental hazards such as; Non-Player AI' s, Warp Points, Power-Ups, Radiation Zones, and Team controlled territories.

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